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Catherine Willows will return to the crime lab in CSI: Vegas Season 2

CSI: Vegas Season 2 is happening, but it will be without Gil and Sara. There’s another OG character returning to the series, though.

While CSI: Vegas ($) didn’t perform well in the live ratings, it had a loyal audience in the delayed views. That led to a quick renewal after the first season came to an end. However, that renewal came with some bad news.

William Petersen has decided not to return as Gil Grissom for another season. That decision led to Jorja Fox deciding not to return for Season 2. She couldn’t split Gil and Sara up again.

So, would that mean no OG characters? Definitely not. Marg Helgenberger is going to reprise her role of Catherine Willows, according to TVLine.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 1 ($)

Marg Helgenberger will be in CSI: Vegas Season 2

We don’t get to know many details of Catherine’s return right now. Helgenberger was a standout character throughout the original series, sticking around for 12 seasons and then briefly returning for the 300th episode.

She is one of those characters young girls can look up to. Catherine didn’t have the best start in life, failing school and going to work as a stripper in Las Vegas. However, she managed to improve her skills and education, leading to her using her sharp mind as a criminologist and working for the Las Vegas crime lab.

The first season of CSI: Vegas ended with a new threat for the team to solve. With Gil and Sara gone, will they call in Catherine to help them solve it? Will it somehow involve Catherine, forcing her to return to a workplace she had left behind?

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How would you like to see Catherine incorporated into CSI: Vegas Season 2? Whow ould you like to see return from the original series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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