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CBS fall 2020 schedule: Optimism that could pay off well

The CBS fall 2020 schedule is out and it’s extremely optimistic. Could it end up being scrapped or will it pay off well for the network?

After FOX and The CW already set their plans for the fall, CBS has now revealed a very optimistic plan. As other networks opt for acquisitions and summer shows already filmed, the CBS fall 2020 schedule looks like something you’re used to.

This could be a little too optimistic for this year. However, if it all works out well, it could pay off for the network. After all, many networks are opting for shows that they know likely wouldn’t perform that well. Fall is when the bigger shows hit, but FOX and The CW are opting for shows they’d traditionally air in the spring and summer.

Could it all fail?

Yet, there’s a chance the CBS fall 2020 schedule will be scrapped. This schedule assumes that shows will be able to start filming by late July at the latest. As some parts of the world are opening up, productions haven’t hinted their returns just yet. However, there is a slim chance that some productions will return, especially those that film in the lesser-hit areas.

What about if there is a second wave that everyone is talking about. By workplaces going back now, there’s the threat of the second wave in the summer. If things are held off for longer, there’s a chance the second wave will hit in fall 2020. Either way, it would cause a problem for filming. There’s the possibility of only one or two episodes filming before productions have to be shut down again.

So, the CBS fall 2020 schedule is optimistic and may get pushed. However, I’m sure there’s a plan in the office just in case things don’t work out. This would allow a quick change and to push the fall schedule to January 2021 if needed.

What does the CBS fall 2020 schedule look like?

For the most part, the schedule is as you would expect. There are just a few small differences. One of those is that SWAT Season 4 is being held for the midseason, which isn’t surprising considering the ratings from last season. This move allows for Wednesdays to be all about Survivor and The Amazing Race, finishing off with SEAL Team.

NCIS: New Orleans will remain on Sundays with FBI: Most Wanted moving to the fall. MacGyver is also moving back to the fall with Fridays opening due to Hawaii Five-0 coming to an end.

Here’s a full look at the schedule:


8 p.m.: The Neighborhood

8:30 p.m.: Bob Hearts Abishola

9 p.m.: All Rise

10 p.m.: Bull


8 p.m.: NCIS

9 p.m.: FBI

10 p.m.: FBI: Most Wanted

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8 p.m.: Survivor

9 p.m.: The Amazing Race

10 p.m.: SEAL Team


8 p.m.: Young Sheldon

8:30 p.m.: B Positive

9 p.m.: Mom

9:30 p.m.: The Unicorn

10 p.m.: Evil


8 p.m.: MacGyver

9 p.m.: Magnum P.I.

10 p.m.: Blue Bloods


8 p.m.: Crimetime Saturday

9 p.m.: Crimetime Saturday

10 p.m.: 48 Hours


7 p.m.: 60 Minutes

8 p.m.: The Equalizer

9 p.m.: NCIS: LA

10 p.m.: NCIS: New Orleans

What are you excited to watch on the CBS fall 2020 schedule? Which shows are you most disappointed about being held or moved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.