CBS sets new fall 2023 schedule in wake of strike action

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CBS wanted a normal fall schedule this year, but it’s anything but that. Here’s an updated fall 2023 schedule for the Eye network.

Fall 2023 is going to be anything but normal. While ABC immediately set plans for a strike-proof fall, CBS and NBC attempted to bring all shows back as normal. Well, that’s not going to happen. Not only are the writers on strike, but now the actors are on strike. And it looks like the two are sticking together in solidarity until a fair deal is met.

It means the Eye network has had to change its plans for fall. There will be some reruns throughout the fall, but we’ll also see some acquisitions from the UK and streaming platforms to keep us entertained throughout the fall.

Yellowstone, Ghosts UK, and more

One of the biggest surprises is the addition of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone* to the list of fall shows on the network. This is currently streaming, but the Eye network is going to bring us the first season on Sundays. We’ll get one episode on the weeks with the football in the afternoon and two episodes on the weeks where there is no football.

Thursdays will see two episodes of the UK version of Ghosts* air after reruns of the U.S. version of the series. This show currently streams on Max, so it’s surprising that the network has managed to get some licensing rights. In the UK, the fifth season is set to be the last, but it hasn’t aired yet.

We will also see SEAL Team back on the network. CBS will start with Season 5, which was the first season to move to Paramount+. Four episodes of the season did air on the network before the move. After that, we’ll have a sixth season available to air if the strike action continues.

CBS fall 2023 schedule

Take a look at the full schedule for the fall:

Sundays with NFL single-header

7 p.m.: 60 Minutes

8 p.m.: Yellowstone two-hour block

10 p.m.: Big Brother

Sundays with NFL double-header

7 p.m.: NFL overrun + 60 Minutes

9 p.m.: Yellowstone single episode

10 p.m.: Big Brother


8 p.m.: Loteria Loca

9 p.m.: NCIS reruns

10 p.m.: Paramount+ Original TBA


8 p.m.: Big Brother

9 p.m.: FBI True

10 p.m.: FBI reruns


8 p.m.: Survivor

9:30 p.m.: The Amazing Race


8 p.m.: Big Brother

9 p.m.: Buddy Games

10 p.m.: The Challenge USA

Thursdays once Buddy Games and The Challenge USA conclude

8 p.m.: Young Sheldon reruns

8:30 p.m.: Ghosts reruns

9 p.m.: Ghosts UK

10 p.m.: SEAL Team


8 p.m.: The Price Is Right at Night/Let’s Make a Deal Primetime

9 p.m.: Raid the Cage

10 p.m.: Curated Blue Bloods classics


8 p.m.: Drama encores and sports

10 p.m.: 48 Hours

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