Will CBS renew NCIS for Season 18?

All eyes are on the future of various TV shows. NCIS is on our list today. Will CBS cancel or renew NCIS for Season 18? When will we find out?

As networks make their decisions on the fates of TV shows, we’re looking at each one left with open fates individually. Today it’s all about NCIS, which despite being CBS’s top-rated show is still with an undecided future. Will CBS cancel or renew NCIS for Season 18?

Networks use a number of factors to determine if there is a future in the series. While the live TV ratings are important, they’re not the only factors the network will consider to make a decision. With the way the world is changing, more networks are looking at DVR and streaming ratings. CBS has CBS All Access to help make decisions but still relies heavily on advertisers. It is one of the only networks not to cut down on ads during episodes, and you can certainly tell when it comes to watching the programs!

We only get access to the live ratings, so we use them to determine whether a show will be canceled or renewed. There’s some good news for NCIS Season 18.

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Live ratings are great

While the average ratings for the show are down from the previous season, NCIS remains the No. 1 show on CBS. In fact, it’s the No. 1 scripted drama period. There’s absolutely no need for CBS to even consider canceling this series when it comes to the viewers. According to TV Series Finale, the audience average sits at 11.371 million and the demo average sits at a 1.09 rating.

Even if you consider the drops from the previous season, they’re nothing to be all too concerned about. Every show on CBS has seen a drop from the previous season. It’s pretty standard in TV shows. The longer a show goes on for, the more the viewership drops. People lose interest or they decide they’ll catch up later. Or some will switch to watching through DVR or streaming instead of watching live. CBS gets that.

It’s all about Mark Harmon

There’s no doubt that NCIS relies on one person. Mark Harmon needs to renew his contract for another year. We’ve not heard that he’s considering leaving, which is a good sign. If anything. he’ll agree to renew for one more year and we’ll get a warning that Season 18 is the last. If we don’t get that warning, I don’t think we’ll be saying goodbye to the series just yet.

So, why have we not found out yet? Most years, the renewal for the TV crime drama doesn’t come in until April. We’re still looking at this early. I have a feeling that’s when Mark Harmon’s contract is up for renewal each year so a decision can’t be made until he officially signs on. We’ll keep checking, but I think it’s going to be Apr. 10 or after that we find out about NCIS Season 18.

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What do you think about the TV crime drama? Do you want to see more seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS Season 17 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.