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Is Charmed canceled or renewed for Season 5?

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Thursday, May 12 was a bloodbath when it came to canceled shows on The CW. What about Charmed? I Charmed canceled or renewed for Season 5?

There’s no doubt that we were ready to say that everything on The CW would be renewed. Those that were coming to an end would get a final-season order. That’s the way The CW has worked for a fair few years now.

However, things changed this year. With the network being sold off (still pending), it had to start getting rid of some of its content. That meant a big string of cancellations, and we weren’t happy. It all started with Batwoman, and we knew it would go downhill from there.

Of course, eyes were on the Friday night supernatural drama Charmed. This series was met with negativity from the start due to fans (and cast members) of the OG series. Would The CW try to push it for another season? We have an answer.

Is Charmed canceled?

There is some bad news for those who enjoyed the series. Charmed is not renewed for a fifth season. The news broke along with the other string of cancellations on Thursday, May 12.

The cancellation won’t be surprising to some. It was struggling in the live ratings, but it was also a Friday night show, which has an affect on the live ratings across all networks. It wasn’t the only Friday night series canceled. Dynasty was also canceled after five seasons.

It means the upcoming season finale, which airs in June, will be the series finale. Let’s hope storylines have been wrapped up enough!

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What did you think of Charmed? Which CW show will you miss the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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