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Charmed Season 4 is not coming to The CW in 2021

With the way things ended on the Charmed Season 3 finale, we need more episodes. We’re waiting a while for Charmed Season 4.

There’s a big change coming to the sisterhood in Charmed. Madeleine Mantock has left the series, and we said a mostly permanent goodbye to Macy Vaughn. Granted, there is always a way to bring her back as a spirit in some sort of way, but she won’t be part of the Power of Three anymore.

Now we need to see what’s to come next. The Guardian said there is another one out there, but didn’t clarify. Another sister? Is the show really going for that storyline?

Sadly, we need to wait to find out what’s going on for a while. Charmed Season 4 is not part of the fall lineup on the network for the first time. Being held to midseason, it means it’s not coming in 2021.

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When is Charmed Season 4 coming to The CW?

We don’t yet have an exact premiere date for the season, but we know that it’s not part of the fall schedule. The CW has opted for unscripted programming and Nancy Drew to Friday nights. That means there’s no room for the witchy drama.

The show is moving to the midseason. This isn’t too surprising when you look at the live ratings. They weren’t the greatest for the network, but The CW doesn’t often cancel a series until it has enough episodes for syndication. Moving it to the midseason helps to keep it on the air, especially if the Netflix deal remains good enough.

We’re looking at January 2022 for the premiere date at the earliest. This is usually when the midseason shows begin.

We’ll be sure to let you know when there is an official premiere date. We’ll likely find out around November or December.

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What do you hope happens on Charmed Season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

Charmed Season 4 premieres sometime in 2022.