How many episodes of Chicago Fire, Med, and PD are left before the Winter Olympics?

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Chicago Fire, Med, and PD will all be on a break soon for the Winter Olympics. How many episodes are left until then?

The Winter Olympics air on NBC. That means multiple scripted shows need to take some time off for that. Chicago Fire and its two spin-offs are among those shows.

We got the series back at the start of the month and just got to watch another episode. The good news is there will be another new episode next Wednesday, Jan. 19. This is the last new episode for a little more than a month.

Two weeks of Chicago Fire reruns

The two weeks after next week will see reruns of the entire One Chicago franchise. Then the Winter Olympics will air. That means four weeks without new episodes of any of the Chicago shows.

The good news is the series returns with new episodes after that. The first week after next week with a new episode is on Wednesday, Feb. 23. We don’t get to know what that episode will be about just yet, but we’re expecting this delay to be planned so there will be a major cliffhanger about something within Firehouse 51 to lead us into the break.

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The show will have a chance to film during this break, although it’s worth noting that Chicago Fire did have to recently pause due to COVID-19, but it will be able to pick back up soon if it hasn’t already.

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Chicago Fire, Med, and PD air Wednesdays on NBC in the U.S. and on CityTV in Canada.