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Chicago Fire Season 10 finale spoilers: Did Brettsy break up?

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Brett and Casey were back in Chicago for the Stellaride wedding. What happened in the finale? Are they still together in Chicago Fire?

It took a long time to get Brettsy back together. Then as it happened, Casey had to leave Chicago. Jesse Spencer had chosen to leave the show, and the writers crafted a plot that saw him head to Portland for the sake of Griffin and Ben. Brett and Casey attempted a long-distance relationship, but it was too hard.

In the end, Brett headed out to Portland to see Casey. We hoped that it was so they could find a way to make things work. Then the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale came. The two were back in Chicago, but it was clear something had happened between them.

Brettsy breaks up in the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale

The episode gave us no time with Brett and Casey together until the very end. However, there were looks. It was clear the two were just trying to keep the focus on Stellaride and their big day.

At the party afterward, Casey and Brett danced. They had a chance to reveal everything that had happened. The long-distance was too hard for Brett to deal with. She and Casey had decided it was best that they break up, but it’s clear they still love each other. Casey just can’t leave Portland now, and Brett doesn’t want to leave Chicago permanently just yet. That means they need to do the adult thing and just be friends.

It’s a bittersweet ending to their relationship for sure. However, is there a chance things could work out in the future if one of them does decide to move?

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What did you think of the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale? Did you hope Brettsy would make it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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