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Did Chloe die on Lucifer Season 6?

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Chloe and Lucifer started with the intention of going to Heaven, but did that play out on Lucifer Season 6? What happened to Chloe?

When Lucifer Season 6 started, the idea was for Chloe and Lucifer to head to Heaven. Lucifer would ascend to the Silver City throne, with Chloe acting as his consultant. However, that didn’t happen.

Eventually, Lucifer realized that he didn’t even want to be God. Well, he never really did want to be God. But it took Rory coming from the future filled with hate for the father who abandoned her that he realized that. Lucifer and Chloe would remain on Earth.

That would mean Lucifer could remain around for Rory, right? Well, something was still going to happen. When Le Mec kidnapped Rory, it looked like he was going to be the one to kill Lucifer. Chloe ended up wounded in the fight. Would she die to change everything?

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Chloe did eventually die on Lucifer Season 6

She wouldn’t die then. Neither would Lucifer.

Just as Le Mec was going to stab Lucifer, an injured Chloe shot Le Mec and killed him. Le Mec’s comments about Dan seeing a white light helped Lucifer realize that Dan had made it to Heaven. He also realized that he needed to head to Hell to help souls move from Hell to Heaven.

Rory revealed that Lucifer didn’t even turn up when Chloe was on her deathbed. That meant Chloe had to die at some point, and with Rory looking about 20, that meant within the next 20 years or so. Rory pointed out she is older than she looks thanks to her angel half.

Now understanding why Lucifer left her, Rory was able to head back to her own time. Now she understood that Lucifer had to leave Chloe and Rory behind. He didn’t want to, but he needed to help the souls in Hell. He also helped her not kill when that was all she wanted to do.

Rory got back to Chloe on her deathbed. Chloe explained it was hard to see her daughter in so much pain, but it had to be done. The time loop had to happen. With that, Chloe died in old age and went to Heaven.

She didn’t remain in Heaven, though. Amenadiel was there to greet her and send her where she needed to go: Hell. It’s not often someone would want to go to Hell, but Chloe went there to sit by Lucifer’s side and help him serve out his purpose saving souls.

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