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Will Claire and Jamie remain in Scotland in Outlander?

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Claire and Jamie have made it back to Scotland in Outlander Season 7. Is that where they’ll remain for good?

For a few episodes, Claire and Jamie had tried to get Young Ian back to Scotland. However, they were delayed due to the Revolutionary War. It was only due to the death of Simon Fraser and Simon’s request to return to Scotland that led to Jamie and Claire finally getting a boat across the water. Young Ian, of course, joined them, continuing that promise to get Young Ian back home.

This is how we’ve ended the first half of Outlander Season 7. Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian all looked with happy emotions at the sight of the Scottish scenery. Is it possible that they will choose to stay in Scotland, or will something pull them back to the colonies?

Get ready for some stories in Scotland in Outlander Season 7B

Those who have read the books will know how it all plays out. However, we can look at clues in the story that Claire and Jamie aren’t planning on staying in Scotland. Neither is Young Ian.

Ian left Rollo with Rachel Hunter. It’s clear that he wants to return to Rollo at some point. He shared with Claire that he misses his dog. Rachel is also under the impression that Young Ian will return. She even said that to Arch Bug when he asked where Rollo’s master was. So, Young Ian seems determined to show his parents that he’s doing well and that he’s ready to return to where he has called home.

As for Claire and Jamie, they have Fraser’s Ridge. Despite their house burning down, the Ridge has become their home. As they left, Claire fearfully asked if they would make it back. Jamie promises her that they will. This isn’t a permanent goodbye. They both want to be back where they have found peace and a family.

What will get them back to the colonies? You’ll want to watch the season for that when it finally arrives. You could also read the books!

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What did you think of Claire and Jamie’s arrival in Scotland? What do you hope to see in Outlander Season 7B? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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