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Is [Spoiler] dead in SEAL Team Season 6?

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Bravo Team lost another member of the team in SEAL Team Season 6, Episode 8. What happened at the vet center?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from SEAL Team Season 6, Episode 8.

Just once, we would love to see a happy ending for characters. While SEAL Team is realistic, it can also be downright heartbreaking, and that was the case in the most recent episode. Bravo Team has lost another of its own.

We had hope that one member would get away. Clay and Stella were discussing moving on, a chance for a fresh start. Life had other plans.

What happened to Clay in SEAL Team Season 6, Episode 8?

Clay headed to the vet center to help someone in need. Ben was threatening to kill himself, and Clay didn’t want to see that happen, and he even managed to talk Ben down. That was how Clay ended up with the gun when the security guard came into view. Naturally, the security guard thought Clay was a threat.

Rather than take any chances at all, the security guard shot and killed Clay. Yes, Clay is definitely dead. Showrunner Spencer Hudnut has confirmed this. And yes, we’re angry and devastated by this decision.

It wasn’t a creative one to make us all guess if anyone will ever get a happy moment on this series. Instead, it was due to Max Thieriot needing to come out of the series. While SEAL Team and Fire Country found a way to work together this season, once it was clear that Fire Country would perform well on CBS, Hudnut knew he would lose Max.

Rather than try to keep things going, he made the decision to kill Clay off. The way it happened, we’re not all that happy about. This wasn’t the heroic death that Clay deserved. And in a way, we’d have loved to see Clay and Stella ride off into the sunset. Considering over the years we’ve lost Alana Hayes and Full Metal, we would have loved to see an exit that didn’t involve Clay having to die. But that was the very permanent way of dealing with Max being in Vancouver for Fire Country.

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What did you think about the decision to kill Clay off? What did you think about the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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