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Did Clay die in the SEAL Team Season 6 premiere?

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We had one big question for the SEAL Team Season 6 premiere. Would Clay Spencer live or die? What happened to the Bravo brother?

Caution: This post contains spoilers for the SEAL Team Season 6 premiere

All summer our eyes have been on one thing: how Bravo Team would get out of Mali. At the same time, we feared the worst for Clay.

We knew Max Thieriot got the lead on Fire Country, and that show was picked up to series in May. Would it mean we’d lose Clay from SEAL Team? Well, the two shows looked for ways to make Thieriot’s schedule work. At least, that’s what we kept getting told. There was always the chance that to make it work, Clay would come out of the show.

The promo for SEAL Team Season 6* made it look like that would be the way to handle it. What happened to Clay in the end?

Clay survives in the SEAL Team Season 6 premiere

There is some good news. Clay Spencer is still alive by the end of the episode. It was touch and go for a while, and he’s not a whole man. However, he is alive.

During the episode, his leg was almost completely blown off. He also had some serious internal bleeding, which was the first thing to take care of. He needed his spleen removed during surgery, but that wasn’t the end of it.

His leg became infected. Sepsis threatened to kill him, and the only way to stop it was to amputate his leg below the knee. That’s what happened by the end, and it means that Clay is out of the military completely.

While Clay had decided to leave Bravo Team for a while at the end of Season 5, he wasn’t leaving the military completely. Now that choice has been taken out of his hands, and that means one hell of a mental journey for him moving forward.

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What do you hope to see for Clay in the rest of Season 6? What did you think of the Season 6 premiere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team Season 6* airs Sundays on Paramount+.