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Clickbait ending explained: Who killed Nick Brewer?

Not everything you’re told online is true. Clickbait made that very clear by the end. Who was responsible for Nick Brewer’s murder?

Don’t believe everything you’re told online. That’s something Clickbait made very clear. Nick may have held up the signs that said he abused women and he killed someone, but that doesn’t mean it was all true. Yet he was condemned as being guilty until proven innocent.

As the show played out, we learned that Nick Brewer was a serial cheater. At least, that’s the way it looked. It looked like he was having affairs with multiple women, but it soon turned out that none of these women actually met Nick Brewer. They only talked to him on the phone and messaged him through dating apps.

However, after Sarah killed herself, her brother Simon blamed Nick Brewer. After figuring out who he really was, Simon and a friend abducted Nick and made the video. That was where Nick explained he didn’t create the dating profiles. That wasn’t him and the photos had been Photoshopped.

When the video reached five million hits, Simon had a choice. Would he kill Nick or let him go? Simon chose to let Nick go, so how did Nick still end up dead?

Nick figured out who made the dating profiles on Clickbait

In the penultimate episode, Simon told Nick all about the journal Sarah kept. All Sarah’s conversations with Nick were recorded, including the comments about Sophie’s affair. That helped Nick figure out who was really behind the dating apps. He only told one person about Sophie’s affair.

At first, everyone thought it would be Matt. He was Nick’s best friend, after all. Pia even found evidence of all the photos on Matt’s computer at work.

However, it wasn’t Matt at all. It was Dawn, another of Nick’s colleagues. She was the one who had set up Nick’s computer. Dawn was a lonely woman with a husband more interested in his trains than in her. After finding Nick on a dating app (although it looks like it was just one conversation that never went to meeting anyone), she decided to create multiple profiles with Nick’s face under other names. Dawn was the catfisher just to help her stop feeling lonely.

She never actually meant to hurt anyone, but what she did was wrong. When Nick realized the truth, he turned up to Dawn’s house, he confronted her about it. Dawn’s husband, who had found out about the profiles at this point, hit Nick over the head and killed him.

Nick’s family had started to figure out the truth. It eventually led to Kai being abducted by Dawn and her husband and almost killed. Fortunately, the Brewers and the police found them all and got to Kai before it was too late. Dawn was arrested and her husband was killed by the cops. It was at least answers for Nick Brewer’s family.

Be careful what you believe online. Clickbait makes it clear that it’s not all the truth.

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