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Cobra Kai Season 3: What is Eagle Fang Karate?

There’s a third dojo in West Valley. Eagle Fang Karate is now up and running on Cobra Kai Season 3, but who is the sensei?

There’s a new dojo in town. Cobra Kai Season 3 saw Kreese take over Cobra Kai, but would that mean Johnny Lawrence would have nothing?

For a while, yes. Feeling guilt for everything that happened to Miguel, Johnny turned away from karate for a while. However, he eventually decided to set up a new dojo.

Eagle Fang Karate was born.

Well, it took a while to get to that name. But eventually, Johnny and Miguel started up a new dojo together.

Kobra Kai Karate?

At first, Johnny thought about still using the name Cobra Kai but just changing a letter. He wanted Kobra Kai Karate, the three Ks.

“KKK?” Miguel asks.

Yeah, that would never be a good idea. So, Johnny gets back to the drawing board.

He wanted something strong. Cobras are among the strongest creatures in the jungle, but there are animals that can defeat a cobra…Eagles.

And so, he comes up with Eagle Fang Karate.

Okay, so eagles don’t have fangs. We know that and Johnny knows that, but he wants the fangs. There’s a part of him that still wants the snake connotation, and this is the way to do that. It’s hard to part with what you know, and we’ve seen how stuck in his 1980s ways Johnny can sometimes be.

The Karate Kid ($)

Teaming up with Miyagi-Do on Cobra Kai Season 3

Johnny doesn’t rent out a space to train after finding out how expensive places are. When he learns it’s free to train in the park, he decides that is the place to go.

Miguel gets his friends to come along—those who don’t agree with Kreese’s ways of teaching or those that Kreese recently kicked off the team.

However, it’s not enough. Cobra Kai continues to be a major threat and two dojos need to combine their efforts. Sam and Miguel find a way to get their two dojos to join forces. Someone (not saying who because spoilers!) is able to convince Johnny and Daniel to work together.

How long will this partnership last? That’s unclear, but at least, for now, the two dojos are working against the one that is the problem: Kreese.

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Cobra Kai Season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.