Cobra Kai Season 6 production on hold during strike

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Strike first, strike hard. It’s the mantra of Cobra Kai that the production team is following. Cobra Kai Season 6 production is on hold in support of the writers strike.

A lot of TV shows are going to be delayed this year. It’s all due to the WGA writers strike (which we’re fully behind), which is going to prevent scripts from being ready for shows. Even the TV shows that have scripts aren’t necessarily going to start production. In fact, Cobra Kai’s showrunner, Jon Hurwitz, has made it clear that production for Season 6 is on hold.

The scripts are ready. The show is in the production stage. Why would the show end up on hold when it doesn’t need to?

Well, it does need to. While House of the Dragon is going to attempt to film without writers around, many other shows have decided they don’t want to do that.

Why is Cobra Kai Season 6 on hold?

Hurwitz has made it clear that he is standing behind the writers. His entire crew is, and we’re seeing a lot of TV shows do the same.

The problem with filming during the strike is that writers are not allowed to be on set at all. They cannot help with any rewrites should they need to happen during the production process, and this happens a lot more than you think it would.

If filming happens and the scripts don’t quite work, it would require a non-writer to make the changes. This could lead to problems further down the road. Plus, it takes the work away from writers, and the majority of industry professionals are not going to do that.

So, the best thing for quality is to hold production. Is it annoying for us as viewers? Certainly, but it’s not the writers that we should be annoyed with. The streaming giants are actually causing most of the problems. The world of TV changed with streaming, but writers are still struggling to get a fair wage for their hard work. It’s time to change that.

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Cobra Kai is available to stream on Netflix.