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Will Commander Lawrence get married in The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5?

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Since the death of his wife, Eleanor, Commander Lawrence has remained single. That may not be for much longer in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Caution: This post contains spoilers from The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5, Episode 3.

There is no place for a single man in leadership in Gilead. That’s what High Commander MacKenzie told Commander Lawrence, anyway. It’s clear that Joseph needs to remarry if he wants to keep his position.

Of course, that’s not something Joseph wants. While Bradley Whitford’s character was responsible for the creation of the Colonies (according to his late wife), he didn’t seem to share the exact same views about anything else in Gilead. He had four handmaids and didn’t go through the ceremony with any of them—except June when they were forced into it. After being forced into the ceremony, he gave June contraception to prevent a pregnancy.

Since Eleanor’s death, he hasn’t shown any interest in remarrying. That’s something many other men in Gilead would do. Of course, Nick didn’t, but again, Nick isn’t the same type of man as most others in Gilead.

Who could Commander Lawrence marry in The Handmaid’s Tale?

During the new episode, it did look like Joseph was plotting something. He wasn’t the only widow in the room. Serena Joy has just buried her husband. Of course, she’s not thinking about marriage just yet, ut she was in the room when Joseph was pretty much told he’d need to remarry soon.

Could Serena Joy be that woman for him? There wouldn’t be any love between them, but they could offer a sense of respect. The problem is June would get between them. Joseph has tried to help June in the past and even tries to help some of the women in Gilead. Serena Joy really only wants what is best for her.

Then there’s another option: Hannah. We learned from Nick that the purple means that Hannah is ready to be married off. Considering she’s the “daughter” of High Commander MacKenzie, she will end up with a respectable marriage. It’s going to be to someone in power. Would MacKenzie agree to a marriage to Joseph Lawrence?

June may not be as worried about Joseph marrying her daughter as she would with anyone else. She knows that Joseph isn’t interested in furthering the population of Gilead, and she could trust him to keep Hannah somewhat safe. It could even be the way for June to get Hannah back.

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