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Will Connie Britton be in White Lotus Season 3?

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There was talk of Connie Britton returning as Nicole in White Lotus Season 3. Is that going to happen? What are the plans?

While White Lotus is an anthology series, each season does connect in some sort of way. The second season brought Jennifer Coolidge’s character back as we saw her now married to the man she met on the vacation in the first season. The second vacation didn’t turn out too great for her, but it was certainly another crazy adventure.

It didn’t take long for HBO to confirm a third season would happen. We quickly got word that Connie Britton may reprise her role as Nicole from the first season. There was then talk of her being the sister of Laura Dern’s Abby, who could be in the third season. Will that all be the case?

Connie Britton is not returning to White Lotus Season 3

It’s bad news for those ready to see more of Connie Britton on the series. TVLine reports that she won’t be part of the season.

This isn’t because she’s not interested in reprising her role. It’s that filming schedules don’t match up.

This could change with the writer’s strike, though. It is possible that projects will be put on hold and there will be a shift in everyone’s schedules, allowing for Britton to return after all. As of right now, there isn’t the plan on including her, though.

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White Lotus* is available to stream on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.