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Control Z Season 1 ending explained: The hacker revealed and more

The hacker was revealed early on during Control Z Season 1, so what happened in the end?

Control Z wasted no time in answering big questions. During Episode 6, we learned who the hacker was and why. So, it left a lot of questions about the final two episodes. It’s time to break down the ending.

There are certainly many questions about what to expect for Season 2. We’re still waiting on a confirmation of the renewal, but there’s a lot of hope that Control Z Season 2 will happen. For now, let’s take a look at the mystery.

Hackers and secrets revealed

At the end of Episode 5, we learned that Raul was the hacker. During Episode 6 we found out why. We also found out that Bruno was working with him and that Raul had planted Javi’s sticker at Bruno’s place to make it look like Javi was the hacker.

So, how did Sofi find out?

Raul slipped up by saying something that the hacker said to her. She immediately sensed something was wrong and then found clues around his bedroom, including the mask the hacker had warned. Now she needed to find a way to reveal the information without putting herself at risk.

What better way than at the NONA? She arranged for Raul to meet her on the roof, where she said that she wanted to be with Javi because he was the hacker. He had helped bring out the truths, and she wanted to be with someone like that. Raul owned up to everything, only to then realize that he’d fallen for Sofi’s trap.

On top of that, Javi had filmed it all. Once Sofi realized that Raul was the hacker, she clearly apologized to Javi for her suspicions of him and got him to help reveal the truth. The video was sent to the people downstairs at the NONA, so everyone could see that Raul was the one to leak the secrets.

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All secrets were still revealed

That wasn’t the end of it, was it? Of course not! Remember that Raul still had secrets to unveil and he promised to reveal them all at midnight at the NONA. That’s exactly what he did.

The secrets were his last way to control people and for him to get out free. As everyone fought about the secrets, Raul was able to escape.

However, there was someone Raul had forgotten about. Gerry had considered killing himself after Luis died while in the coma. Remember, Gerry had beaten Luis up and put him in the coma, believing that Luis was the one to reveal the initial secrets. Knowing that it was all because of Raul, Gerry went to the NONA with the gun he was going to use to kill himself. He threatened Raul’s life, but Sofi and Javi tried to stop him.

Javi got in the way and tried to get the gun off Gerry, leading to Gerry pulling the trigger and accidentally shooting Javi. Now we’re left with what looks like Javi dead and Raul and Gerry off in the wind. We need Control Z Season 2 to continue this story.

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