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Control Z Season 2 ending explained: Who was the Avenger?

An Avenger attacked students at school to get revenge for Luis on Control Z Season 2. Who was behind the mask this time?

Control Z Season 2 quickly answered questions from the first season finale. Of course, the biggest one was about whether Javi would survive the gunshot wound to the debt. That question was answered quickly, and the focused moved on the season-long question: Who is the Avenger?

Sofia quickly found herself investigating the case. She needed to get to the bottom of it to protect the people at her school. It didn’t even matter that people started turning against her when she chose Raul and Gerry at one point. She wouldn’t let anyone get hurt.

The question was answered in the finale. We also got to know why this person became the Avenger, and got a cliffhanger for Control Z Season 3.

Who was the Avenger on Control Z Season 2?

Sofia figured out who the Avenger was at the end of the season. The reveal was staring at us throughout the season.

It was Alex.

She blamed herself for everything that happened. After she was found tied up, she explained that it was her fault because she let Gerry out of the locked room the day of the fight with Luis. However, “it’s all my fault” was code for something else.

Alex blamed herself for Luis being bullied in the first place. When Luis showed her a portrait he’d drawn of Gerry, she was impressed. She even encouraged Luis to show Gerry the picture. Gerry initially liked it, but a comment from his dad made him give the picture back. That then led to a couple of friends finding out about it, leading to Luis being bullied.

This led to the more drawings, dark ones that were used as the inspiration for attacks on students. Alex never wanted to hurt anyone, making sure Sofia got clues to help people. All Alex wanted was for people to feel remorseful for everything that happened to Luis.

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What about the money?

Alex had also stolen Raul’s money. She was broke and alone after Gabrielle left her for a job in Spain, so she needed something to start over.

However, Maria found the money in Luis’s old locker. That was the same time Alex held Gerry and Raul hostage on the school roof. Susanna was still in the school and found Maria at the school.

Everyone ended up on the roof. A fight broke out, and naturally, someone was going to get hurt. Susanna went over the roof with the bag of money, landing in the parking lot where Pablo was waiting. Pablo took the money and ran, while the others just looked down at Susanna’s body from the roof.

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