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Did Coop die in the All American Season 4 premiere?

It was pretty clear that someone would die in the All American Season 4 premiere, but would the show kill off a main character?

There was a lot going on in the All American Season 4 premiere. The episode split into three parts to give us the direct aftermath of the Season 3 finale and then the answers to who died. Would Coop be the fatal victim?

Every now and then, a TV show will leave us guessing until the end of the episode. Fortunately, it wasn’t the end of the season. We got to see the direct aftermath of Preach taking Coop to the hospital, leaving Mo behind, but would he get there in time?

And then there was Layla and Carrie. It turned out Carrie wanted to kill herself. She also wanted Layla to go out with her. It was a questionable moment, but Layla managed to help Carrie in the end, so we weren’t saying goodbye to anyone there.

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Did Coop survive the All American Season 4 premiere?

So, it’s back to Coop. Did she die?

We’re not saying goodbye to Bre-Z’s character just yet. Coop survived being shot, and she’s agreed to keep Preach’s involvement in everything that went down a secret. Preach can’t be involved in this being on parole, and Coop isn’t about to see the man who saved her life go down for something he wasn’t even directly involved in.

However, this secret is likely to come up. Someone did die in the All American Season 4 premiere. It was all about Mo.

Preach chose Coop over Mo, so Mo was left to bleed out. This is sure to bring a story for the rest of the season. There is a child involved in all this, a child grieving the loss of her mother. There will also be an investigation into everything that happened, which could lead to Preach and Coop’s secret coming out.

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