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Coroner Season 3 premiere date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more

Coroner Season 3 will air on CBC in less than a month. Here’s everything you need to know about the premiere date, cast, and more.

Coroner Season 3 will be here before you know it. CBC has confirmed a premiere date, and we’re bringing everything we know about the season so far.

CBC has also released a few photos of the new season. Serinda Swan’s hair is a cute bob instead of her pixie cut, and a few other characters have allowed their hair to grow longer. Is this due to the pandemic lockdown in real life?

It looks like the season is going to be set during the pandemic. There is a photo of Jenny and Donovan in PPE equipment that looks to be a lot more serious than the usual equipment they would have worn while out on a case.

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Let’s dive into what to expect on the third season.

Coroner Season 3 premiere date

The new season will premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021 on CBC. New episodes will drop on CBC Gem ($), so you can watch when it’s more convenient to you. The app is completely free and your views will be counted for when it comes to talks of renewing the crime drama.

You can still watch the first two seasons through CBC Gem, too.

There are 10 episodes to this season, making it the longest one yet. That means more time to tell the story, developing the characters and their relationships better.

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Coroner Season 3 cast

Speaking of characters, who will be back? We know Serinda Swan and Roger Cross will return as Jenny Cooper and Donovan McAvoy respectively. There is no show without the two of them.

Éric Bruneau, Ehren Kassam, Nicholas Campbell, Tamara Podemski, Andy McQueen, and Kiley May will also return as Liam, Ross, Gordon, Alison, Malik, and River.

There are two new actors joining the season. Mark Taylor joins as Clark, a crown attorney who will work with Jenny on her latest inquest. There are no details about what that inquest will be.

Uni Park will play Melanie, the new pathologist at the coroner’s office. Will she cause problems in her new job or become someone Jenny can rely on like she can with River?

Coroner Season 3 trailer

There is a trailer available for the season, and it only dropped a few days ago. It gives us a look at what to expect during the season, including a confirmation that the season is set in the pandemic.

There are a few things to take from the Coroner Season 3 trailer. It’s been five months since Jenny and Liam separated and she hasn’t heard anything about him since then. However, he comes back into her life with a letter that is a goodbye note.

Another takeaway is that there’s an inquest into Katie’s death. Will someone prosecute Jenny’s dad, especially considering his dementia right now?

Coroner Season 3 synopsis

Here is the official synopsis for the season:

Coroner season three returns with coroner Jenny Cooper moving past her trauma and embracing her whole self. In the process of healing, she and live-in boyfriend Liam are now separated, while Detective Donovan McAvoy faces his mortality in a new way. Ross stumbles his way through identity challenges, while Gordon hallucinates the possibility of a life once lived. In a series of touching, personal and harrowing cases, this season addresses unorthodox therapy sessions, and uncomfortable, messy and beautiful personal encounters. Jenny and those around her will come to understand the true meaning of what it means to be alive as they dance with death

If you thought the first two seasons went deep and touched on important topics, get ready for even more this season.

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What are you excited to see on Coroner Season 3? Share in the comments below.

Coroner Season 3 premieres on Feb. 3 at 8/8:30 NT on CBC and CBC Gem.