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Council of Dads canceled: Netflix needs to step in and save the show

Council of Dads has been canceled and we’re not okay with that. Netflix needs to step in to save the positive-focused series.

We got some bad news to round out June. NBC chose to cancel Council of Dads, and we’re most definitely not okay with it.

It doesn’t sound like the show is shopping around for a new home, but it should. And Netflix would be the perfect place for this series.

Council of Dads needs to be saved

As I said in my previous post on the matter, NBC made a bad call canceling Council of Dads. I’m usually ready for cancellations and understand that it comes down to money, but there are times that it should come down to the quality of the stories.

While the views may not have been high, the stories on the series were exceptionally good. They were inclusive, positive, and supportive. There’s a stigma around male mental health. There’s a lot of negativity still around gay couples. And it’s hard to find a show that breaks down the stereotypes for all.

Okay, so there were some tropes, but are they really tropes when they follow real life? There are a couple of storylines that stand out, like the affair storyline leading to a child and the story of the older man estranged from his family. However, these things happen all the time in life. While they can be tropes, I don’t view them that way for a series like Council of Dads, that is so focused on real, emotional stories.

The Council of Dads: A Story of Family, Friendship & Learning How to Live

Netflix needs to save the series

There is no doubt that this is a show that needs to continue. The focuses on male mental health and support after loss and addiction are needed for right now. We have a gay Black couple who had some many amazing stories to tell. We just didn’t get to see them enough on the show. And there’s that reminder that there’s nothing wrong with turning to others for help, regardless of age, gender, or race.

In a world with so much bad, we need to see these positive and supportive stories. We need a show that warms our hearts. We need something that reminds us there’s good in the world.

So, Council of Dads needs to be saved for Season 2.

Netflix would be the perfect home. It already has a number of shows with positive and supportive storylines. The most recent in The Baby-Sitters Club reboot that is just as awesome as the books but brought the story for the world of 2020. Council of Dads could be another amazing show if given the chance, and I’m sure a global viewer base would be just what it needs.

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What did you think of Council of Dads? Should a streaming network pick it up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.