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Council of Dads canceled and we’re not okay with that

NBC has made the disappointing decision to cancel Council of Dads after one season. It’s something we’re definitely not okay with.

Some TV shows deserve better, and that’s certainly the case for Council of Dads. NBC has made the decision to cancel the series after one season, and it is disappointing to say the least. We’re definitely not okay with that decision.

Deadline doesn’t say why the series has been canceled, but it is likely a ratings thing. The show hasn’t performed all that well on Thursdays, despite a great start when it premiered back in March. And actually, NBC is at fault here.  The series premiere aired in March and it wasn’t until a month later that the second episode aired (and on a different night). It’s like the series didn’t stand a chance.

A heartfelt, inclusive series

Council of Dads will go down as one of the most unjust cancellations of 2020, I think. It’s a series that was packed with heart, telling real and raw stories. It wasn’t afraid to show Black LGBT couples with compassion and love. It gave us a look at a man trying to beat his alcohol addiction. And it was a show that gave us hope for male support.

Not many shows will focus on a group of men coming together to support each other. Most shows don’t offer stories of males dealing with mental health problems. Council of Dads removed the stigma and offered hope.

It’s a tone-deaf cancellation. We need more series like this one on TV. Men need to see that it’s okay to talk to others; that it’s okay to seek help when they need it. Looking out for help isn’t weakness.

Maybe a streaming service can save the show. Netflix, Hulu, someone needs to pick this up. We’re not okay with this cancellation.

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What did you love about Council of Dads? What did you hope to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Council of Dads airs its series finale on July 2 at 9/8c on NBC.