Will Council of Dads be canceled or renewed for Season 2?

Council of Dads

Eyes are on the future of many TV shows. NBC has a handful left to cancel or renew, and Council of Dads is one of them. Will it get a second season?

As we look at the chances of TV shows being canceled or renewed, our eyes right now are on the freshman drama Council of Dads. NBC hasn’t had too much luck with new shows as of late, but what about the new father-focused drama? Is there a chance that Council of Dads will be renewed for a second season?

NBC will take in a number of factors to make a decision. The live ratings are certainly among the factors, and those that the ratings that we get a clear look at. According to TV Series Finale, the show has pulled in an average of 3.7 million viewers with a 0.68 demo rating. What does this mean?

This is after just one episode

Now granted, the ratings come after just the one episode. NBC has been a little odd with its scheduling, but part of that will be linked to the coronavirus pandemic and changes to the schedule. The show premiered off the back of the This Is Us Season 4 finale, which will have also played a part.

So, right now, it’s hard to say whether this is good enough or not for the future of the show. We need to see what the ratings drop is like for the second episode, which will air on April 30. Then we’ll need to see how the ratings stabilize.

There is some good news to take from it. The first episode puts Council of Dads in eight place out of 20 episodes, which is certainly an excellent start. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector didn’t get this type of start. However, Bluff City Law got a better start and quickly lost ratings.

Postponed pilots could save it

NBC has been mixed with renewals of TV shows this season. I thought The Blacklist was going to be canceled, but it was renewed for an eighth season earlier this year. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was also renewed despite falling ratings. However, there’s more support for a show that has been going on for longer than a quickly dropping new series.

The lack of pilots this season could certainly help ensure Council of Dads is renewed. NBC will still want to see how the show performs before making a decision. I don’t think we’re getting a decision until towards the end of May until the second episode performs as well as the pilot.

What did you think of Council of Dads? Which show do you hope is renewed for the next season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Council of Dads returns with all-new episodes of April 30 at 10/9c on NBC.

15 thoughts on “Will Council of Dads be canceled or renewed for Season 2?

    1. Council of Dads needs a second season. Would love to see it continue. Great acting and love the story

  1. Please renew Council of Dads and Zoey Extraordinary Playlist. Both are great shows and they both have a lot underlying, thought provoking themes.

  2. Council of Dad’s is a wonderful, wholesome show and should definitely be brought back for a second season. The actors and actresses on the show are superb. They make me feel as though I am there with them it’s so realistic.

  3. I love this show. I especially like that it is filmed in Savannah which is where I live. This show is great. Especially with the turn of events on the June 11th show. This show definitely gets better every week. Please bring this show back for a second, and hopefully many more, season.

  4. Please don’t cancel this show. I love It. And all my friends do too…the acting is fabulous and the story is just wonderful. The best show on tv this year.

  5. Council of Dads is adored @ my house by both my Mom and I! Great casting, wonderful setting/scenery, good characters, endearing stories all deserve a second season. Many kudos to NBC. Keep the show!!

  6. I really enjoyed Counil of Dads. I had not watched it during the 1st season and a friend of mine mentioned it saying how wonderful it was. I binged watched the whole 1st season in one day. I could not stop. I had to keep going to see what was going to happen next. I hope it returns for a 2nd Season. I will certainly watch and anticipate each episode.

  7. I agree. I was hooked from the first episode….sad to think they want to cancel this ….when there are others that air that shouldn’t!!!

  8. We all need council of dads and the messages it sends on family, caring, tolerance, love and commitment. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW

  9. I can not believe you are cancelling “COUNCIL OF DADS”
    It is such a refreshing and family oriented show. I couldn’t wait for it to come on, AND I have watched every show, just to find out your cancelling it. SHAME ON YOU 😡😡 God I hope THIS IS US IS COMING BACK 🙏🙏

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