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Is Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 happening at Paramount+?

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Criminal Minds: Evolution has only just returned from its winter break, and we already have an update on the show’s future.

We spent all holiday break wondering if JJ and Luke would both be okay after that explosive end to Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 5. Just as we got answers, we also found out a little more. We got to know if there would be a second season or not.

There is some great news. TVLine has confirmed that Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 will happen—or we could call this Criminal Minds* Season 17. There’s no way that we don’t look at this revival as more of a continuation of the original series, right?

What to expect in Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

As of right now, we have no details of what to expect in the second season. That’s not surprising considering we’re only just picking back up with the first season. There are still four episodes to go, and we need to see how it all plays out for the team.

With any hope, the second season is going to follow a similar format to the first season. The serialized approach has allowed for deeper storytelling, getting to know the UnSubs better to see just how scary they are. We’ve also gotten to know the BAU a lot better with this approach.

What we do know is production is set to start up sometime this year. There is a chance that it will start filming in summer 2023 with a fall 2023 premiere date. That would fit the way the first season worked.

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What do you hope to see in Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Criminal Minds: Evolution is available to stream on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Disney+ in Canada.