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Criminal Minds revival gets confirmed premiere date

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It feels like only yesterday the Criminal Minds revival was dead in the water. Well, it now has a confirmed premiere date.

At one point, Paget Brewster told us that the Criminal Minds revival probably wasn’t happening. Then suddenly Paramount+ had ordered a 10-episode season, and things happened fast. Production only just started in the summer, but we already have a premiere date. And it really isn’t that far away.

The revival is going to be exclusive to Paramount+. Usually, we see one episode a week, but that isn’t going to be the case for this series. The streamer is doing something a little different for this special revival.

When will Criminal Minds: Evolution premiere on Paramount+?

The first episodes will drop on Thursday, Nov. 24, according to TVLine. Yes, that is Thanksgiving Day for those in the United States. If you’re like us and outside of the U.S., the day doesn’t mean all that much except, well, now it’s Criminal Minds day!

The first two episodes will drop on this date. We usually only get one episode. After this, we will get one episode per week until Thursday, Dec. 15.

Like it would if it was on broadcast, the series is going to take a winter break for Christmas and New Year. It looks like Paramount+ thinks that viewers will want to take the weeks off from viewing to spend with family. It’s not often the streamer puts a break in the programming.

The series will then return on Thursday, Jan. 12. Just one episode will air on this day, and we’ll get one episode per week until the finale airs on Thursday, Feb. 9.

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What do you hope to see in Criminal Minds: Evolution? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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