CultureFly announces My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z subscription boxes

Looking to add a new subscription box to your collection? My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z fans will be happy about the latest from CultureFly.

Attention My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z fans! CultureFly, the mystery crate subscription service, is adding crates that are right up your alley.

From the team that brought us Supernatural, Game of Thrones, DC Universe and other mystery crates, CultureFly is expanding its range with My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z. You can subscribe right now.

Offering exclusive merch for fans of the superhero manga series and anime series, more details about the subscription boxes are still to come. However, the fact CultureFly is creating a My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z subscription box is enough to get me excited.

As soon as more details are announced you will hear about it right here. If you want the news directly to your inbox, it would be worth signing up to the CultureFly newsletter.

For those of you who have never heard of CultureFly before and are wondering what it is like as a subscription service, you can get a look at their past crates created for a variety of different fandoms right here.

CultureFly isn’t afraid to bring something new and exciting. It’s a brand that listens to fans of various shows, which is where the two anime boxes have come from. But I get that you may be worried about what to expect in the boxes, so take a look at some of the past reviews we’ve done of SupernaturalGame of Thrones, and The Nick Box.

Personally, I have been surprised, in a good way, with each box sent out. They’re not perfect. There have been issues with some of them, but overall, they have blown expectations.

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So, what do you think about Culture Fly announcing a My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z subscription boxes? Are you a fan of either series? If so, what would you like to see included in the boxes? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

Sign up ready for your subscription for My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z boxes from CultureFly right now.