CultureFly will be there for you: Friends box available to pre-order now

Looking for a little more Friends in your life? You can now pre-order the first Friends mystery box from CultureFly. Get all the details!

No, this is not a drill! CultureFly has locked into another fandom to bring some exciting merchandise and apparel. The company really is there for you this time. It’s all about the first-ever Friends mystery crate.

You can even pre-order the Friends crate right now. If you pre-order now, it will come in time for Christmas. What better gift to give yourself, right?

The crate is like all others from CultureFly. It’s going to include six to eight items that are exclusive to the box. Obviously, CultureFly can’t stop people from selling items on afterward, but they can make sure that these items are only initially sold via them. The value is $100+, but the actual box will cost you $39.99. If you want to get $5 off, you can order a full year’s subscription at once. You’ll get four boxes sent out throughout the year.

This really is the cheapest box on the market. Don’t think that this means bad quality or not getting items you’d receive in other boxes. You’ll get a mixture of apparel, homeware, vinyls, collectibles, and more. There is literally something for everyone in each and every box.

Like with other boxes, there is a theme. The first Friends mystery box’s theme is “The One That Started Them All.” As you can tell, the box themes are going to follow the style of the episode titles of the hit NBC series.

With the box being released so close to Thanksgiving, I’m hoping that the turkey with hat and sunglasses is going to be an item included. After all, this is one of the most iconic moments throughout the whole of the series—and there have been a lot.

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What do you think of the CultureFly mystery boxes? Are you excited to see Friends come your way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Friends mystery box is available for pre-ordering now on the official CultureFly website.