CultureFly: Limited time to get your boxes in time for Christmas

If you were hoping to get your CultureFly mystery boxes in time for Christmas, you’ve got a limited time left to order. Check out the details!

The CultureFly mystery boxes for winter are shipping. With many being shipped out this week, you’ll be able to get them in time for Christmas. Whether you want the Supernatural box or you’re more interested in the DC World’s Finest Collection, you’ll be able to get your goodies and even use them as stocking fillers for kids or small gifts for friends (yes, we know you do that!). But you’ll need to act fast.

To make sure you get your boxes in time for Christmas, there has to be a cut-off date. That date for all boxes is Dec. 18, 2019. Of course, you can order after that time if there are still supplies left, but CultureFly won’t be able to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

This date is also only for the U.S.-bound boxes. Due to customs and longer distances internationally, there is a chance you won’t get your box in time for Christmas if you order any later than now. Canada isn’t as bad as other parts of the world, but we’re still looking at about 10 days to get from being shipped to land in our hands. It can take three weeks for boxes to ship everywhere else, depending on the local system.

These boxes could make great Christmas gifts for friends and family members, and not just the items inside. You could get a gift subscription or just buy the one box for those close to you. Cancel the subscription straight after and let the receiver know where they should go to get their box. The Nick Box is great for kids, even those who have no idea about what the retro shows are. Supernatural is great for, well, Supernatural fans! And don’t forget there’s the new Friends box that will make the Rachels, Rosses, Monicas, and more out there happy.

Sales will continue until the boxes are sold out. Head over to CultureFly now to order your boxes.