CultureFly releases spoilers for the fall 2019 Supernatural mystery box

Are you ready for some mystery box spoilers? CultureFly has given fans a sneak of what to expect in the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box.

The Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box will start shipping mid-October. Now is the time to get your orders in. There are some spoilers of things to expect from the CultureFly box, officially released during the last couple of weeks.

As I suspected, the fall 2019 box has a Crowley theme. You can guess what one of the items is going to be based on the theme and similar items from the last two boxes. In fact, I took a guess that this would be an item in this month’s box.

Not sure what I’m talking about? I want to keep this spoiler-free so you can check it out for yourself below:

Yes, the Crowley plush doll is here. The minute I knew that this was a Crowley-themed box, I knew that the plush doll would be included. And I’m glad to see the same style has been included as the previous two plush dolls: Castiel and Dean. My guess now is that we’ll get a Sam plush doll in the winter 2019 box.

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What about the second spoiler? This is one that I’m on the fence about, and that’s purely because of quality. I’ll let you take a look at the spoiler first:

Usually, I would love the beer mug. I have a few tankers at home, but when I buy them, I always check the quality of the stickers on the front. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with CultureFly kitchenware is the quality of the stickers. The color-changing anti-possession tattoo on the pint glass came off after one wash (and handwash). The stickers on the pint glasses from The Nick Box, the Game of Thrones mystery box, and from the World’s Finest Collection, all from CultureFly, are also washing away over time.

In fact, I made a point of saying why I loved the tumbler from the summer 2019 Supernatural box. It was because the paper was inside two layers of plastic. There was no need to worry about losing the fandom element of the tumbler.

So, I do worry about the quality of the sticker on the front of the beer mug. I have a feeling that it’s only going to last a couple of washes and then it just becomes another beer mug. And it will be a shame became it’s an excellent quote from the King of Hell.

What do you think of the two spoilers from the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box? Are you ready to raise a little hell? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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