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CultureFly’s Supernatural fall 2022 mystery box review

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The Supernatural fall 2022 mystery box from CultureFly has arrived in time for Halloween, and it’s perfect for the season.

Usually, the fall boxes from CultureFly are sent out too late for me to receive them in time for Halloween. It’s a shame, because it means the items need to be held for the next year. That isn’t the case this year, and I even have my Halloween costume sorted for the weekend!

The fall box is full of scares. The idea is to bring some of the more terrifying episodes of Supernatural to life in the box. Ther are some useful items at the same time, so I’m not complaining.

Supernatural fall 2022 box

Here’s a look at the full box. Of course, this means spoilers in case you couldn’t figure it out.

Image: Alexandria Gunn

Let’s take a look at each of the individual items. Because I love almost everything, it’s hard to rank these in any sort of order.

The canvas print is okay. The print is from the post-Halloween episode from the later seasons, and it was a good episode. I’d have just loved something a little more creative. This is where CultureFly fails for me with the Supernatural boxes. The DC World’s Finest Collection prints are always amazing, and I loved the Wonder Woman canvas from a few boxes back. So, I’m always disappointed when with the SPN boxes, we just get a standard print from an episode or the key art.

The same goes for the cup. I love these cups with the screw-on lids, and I like that the print is placed between two sturdy bits of plastic to keep it protected. However, it’s just a print from an episode when more creativity could be put into these things.

That being said, I appreciate the key holder. They may work for my house and mail key as I’m always finding them caught in keyrings. I’ll try it out when I get a chance.

I also love the pin. I’m not usually a pin person, but I love glow-in-the-dark things. It’s a bit weighty for a pin, but it’ll work on my Supernatural messenger bag when that’s in use.

The temporary tattoos are fun. My kids are going to have a lot of fun with these, and I’ve recently found where I put the anti-possession symbol temporary tattoos from a few years ago recently. So, I can get everything together and we can just have a weekend or two of fun with these. The newer ones aren’t all that obvious as to the fandom they belong to, so I do appreciate that.

Now for my favorite two items. I love the glow-in-the-dark desk calendar. I’m not sure how i’ts going to go up yet, but I do love that it has the day, date, and month on it. It’s a devil’s trap, so no demons are getting anywhere near my work—although I wouldn’t complain if they did some!

Then it’s all about the flannel shirt. You can be a hunter with this, and that’s what I’m using for Halloween this year. It’s warm, and I love the fit. Usually, I’ve found problems with the fit around the waist of the jackets, but this one is perfect.

My only complaint is the back. It says “Winchester brothers” but includes Castiel. Now, I’m not a Cass hater. I love the character and Misha, but he’s not one of the Winchester brothers. He is part of Team Free Will, for sure, and he is family to the Winchesters, but he’s just not one of the brothers. It’s a little nitpick for me. This isn’t going to stop me from wearing the shirt with pride.

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What did you think of the fall 2022 box? What do you hope to see in the winter box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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