CultureFly Supernatural fall 2022 spoiler

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Sales are open for the fall 2022 Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly. Take a look at the first spoiler from the crate.

Can you believe we’re getting ready for Halloween already? One of the best ways to do that is with the fall 2022 CultureFly boxes*. There are always goodies that are connected to the scariest month of the year. Supernatural‘s boxes are of no exception.

Sales for the box are now open. CultureFly has stated that the box is set to ship in October. There are sometimes delays due to getting the items from China, but it should arrive in time for Halloween. The best thing about this fandom is that the items work throughout the year. It’s all about the scares and the creepy.

Supernatural fall 2022 theme and spoiler

The theme for the box shouldn’t be that surprising. It’s all about Halloween. It’s officially “Spookynatural.”

So, what type of items can we expect? The first spoiler is out. Take a look here.

If you don’t want to know more about the spoiler, this is where you should stop read! Go head and get the fall 2022 box* right now.

Still reading? There are spoilers!

The item is one of the plastic tumblers. I do like these tumblers, although the straws are a little too easy to break for my liking. Something that I like about the tumblers is that the images are inside two sections of plastic. There’s no way it will all rub off while washing.

This item is connected to the 13th season. It’s from the episode “Advanced Thanatology,” which included a plague doctor vengeful spirit. If you ask me, the episode didn’t quite hit the mark, but I did appreciate the use of the plague doctor. Who doesn’t?

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What do you think of the spoiler? What do you hope is in this spooky-related box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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