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CultureFly’s Supernatural spring 2022 mystery crate unboxing and review

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Supernatural remains a popular fandom. Despite the series ending in November 2019, fans still outsell the CultureFly mystery boxes each quarter.

The spring 2022 mystery crate ($) had a hellhound/Crowley theme. I will say that the theme and the items don’t quite match up. There are some great items, don’t get me wrong. I just expected more of a Crowley theme.

Take a look at the full box, and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

Hellhounds, Men of Letters book, and more in the Supernatural mystery 2022 crate

My favorite item of the lot is the hellhouse plushie. We never get to see the hellhounds properly on the series, but I love that we get this purple creature in the box. It’s easy to accept that they could potentially be purple, even though they’re probably black. It’s more of the view that we get through the glasses that Sam Winchester wears to kill a hellhound.

Another favorite item is the Men of Letters book. This is a bit like the Charmed Book of Shadows, with details about all the different creatures, demons, angels, and more. There are dedicated pages for each of the main supernatural beings we’ve seen, and I love that Crowley and Castiel both get their own double spread pages.

The poster is cool with the decision to do a scroll. This connects to Crowley’s scroll for his contracts. However, I would have preferred something Crowley-related as the print. He wasn’t even included at all in the picture, despite it being a hell-themed box. If not Crowley, I would have loved to see one of the other demons, maybe even a Lilith poster or the Princes of Hell.

We get a charm, which is connected to the theme. It’s the glasses used to see the hellhounds. And the wind jacket has a scratch mark on the chest area, which connects to one of the slices a hellhound made in Dean’s chest in Season 3.

I do like the keychain, too. It’s a popper keychain with sigils all over it. While it is on the large size for my keys, it’s going to be great to put on a zipper on a bag.

There was supposed to be a pin. My box had two charms instead of a pin, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has a spare pin instead of a charm. I’m not all that bothered about the missing pin as they’re not my favorite item, but it is something for CultureFly to be aware of.

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What did you think of the Supernatural spring 2022 box from CultureFly? What do you hope to see in the next box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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