CultureFly’s Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box: Unboxing and reviewing the Baby-themed box

The Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box from CultureFly is all about Baby. Here’s a look at the unboxing and review from this quarter.

The Supernatural mystery box from CultureFly is the last of the three boxes to review. The summer 2019 box had a Baby theme throughout, which is certainly appreciated. With Baby also came a Dean focus. After all, the two go together, right?

This was a box that had a number of excellent item, and most of them were good quality. Naturally, some items are better than others. I’ll start with the items I wasn’t too impressed with and then move onto the better items in the box.

A step back with the Supernatural poster

I get the feeling that CultureFly doesn’t really know what to do with the posters in the Supernatural mystery boxes. Honestly, I’d prefer this item was skipped for something else. A pin would be better than the posters that end up in my recycling!

Last quarter, we got a quirky poster that looked different and exciting. This month, we’re back to show promotional images. It’s the dullest part of the whole box.

Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box
Supernatural — Image by Alexandria Gunn

Low quality photo frame

I wanted to have something good to say about the photo frame. The design was great (although the photo included will end up in recycling) but the quality is just so poor. As soon as I pulled the photo out of its box, the glue started to pull away so the rubber halves pulled apart.

It’s a shame because the photo frame could have been an excellent item. The upside is the photo frame won’t need to be touched too often, so the glue shouldn’t pull away more than it does, but more care needs to be put into some of the items. This is a similar problem I’m having with the photo frame from The Nick Box summer 2019 mystery box.

Supernatural — Image by Alexandria Gunn

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Keyring and charm are okay

Moving onto the better items, we have the charm and the keyring. Okay, they’re more than just “okay.” The charm is at least.

I’ll start with the keyring. It’s plastic, so it shouldn’t break. However, it does feel like a cheaper plastic being used and has received a number of scratches from the keys already.

The charm is much better. I love that there’s a new charm each box to go with the charm bracelet. At some point, a new charm bracelet will likely be needed if this continues (not that I’m complaining there!).

Supernatural — Image by Alexandria Gunn

The greatest items in the Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box

There are four more items to talk about. I’ll start with the cup, which has a screw-on lid and straw, which is also something I loved in the World’s Finest Collection: Retro Justice League box. This is perfect for the environment and it looks like CultureFly is taking on board that some of the kitchenware in the Supernatural boxes haven’t been great.

The image is enclosed in two lots of plastic and the quality of the plastic feels good. The straw is also reusable to protect the environment. There’s no need to get a disposable straw ever again.

While the T-shirt has a fairly recognizable design with the “Winchester Brothers” and the popular saying “Saving People, Hunting Things, the Family Business,” it’s still an intriguing and excellent addition to the box. The quality is good as usual and the design is more of a family crest than anything else. The more you look at the T-shirt, the more you see details from the show.

Then there’s the plush doll, which is Dean to go with the Baby theme everywhere else. He’s joined by Castiel plush from the previous box. Unlike the vinyls, I like that the plush isn’t quite accurate. Plush dolls can’t be because of the lack of detail available. However, it’s immediately clear that this is supposed to be Dean Winchester.

My favorite item is the tote bag, and not just because it’s the most usable item out of the whole box. The Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box has given us a Baby-themed bag with “To Hell and Back” written at the top. We know the Winchesters have been to hell and back more than once, so it’s fitting.

The best part, though, is the lights. There’s a button inside the bag (I thought it was a part of the bag falling to pieces at first) that turns on the headlights to the bag. The headlights flash, which is a cool addition. I’m not sure how often I’d use it or how the battery can be changed, but it’s a sweet detail that makes this item stand out.

What do you think of the Supernatural summer 2019 mystery box from CultureFly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you want to grab the next box, you need to act fast. Sign up at the official CultureFly site for the Supernatural fall 2019 mystery box. I have a feeling this one is a Crowley theme.