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CultureFly’s Supernatural summer 2022 mystery box unboxing and review

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The summer 2022 mystery box from CultureFly for Supernatural has arrived. Let’s take a look inside the crate.

There is no doubt there is still a lot of love for Supernatural. While The Winchesters won’t stick to canon, we’re still excited to see the story to come. After all, Jensen Ackles knows the series won’t stick to canon and knows that somehow he has to get back there.

The CultureFly mystery boxes still remain popular. The summer 2022 crate had a Series Finale theme. Everything was linked to the final episodes of the series. And I say finale episodes. It connects to Episode 19 as well as Episode 20.

Before you pre-order the fall 2022 box*, you’ll want to take a look at the type of items you can get. Here’s a look at everything from the summer 2022 Supernatural mystery crate.

CultureFly’s Supernatural mystery crate review

I will admit that the mystery crate did disappoint me a little. And that’s not because the final season disappointed me.

Take a look at the full selection of items in the box. I’ll start them with what I didn’t like and then with the items that I love.

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

The bad

My least favorite item of the lot is the wall holder. It’s in the shape of the rusty pipe from the series finale, which would be fine if it actually looked rusty. It just looks cheap, and it feels it too. Even my kids didn’t want this from the box.

Something that was disappointing was the planter. I really love the actual planter and the size. What I really didn’t like was the Winchesters and Castiel. The little plastic addition of them made the whole planter look cheap. I think I’m going to take them off and then just have the planter graveyard.

The meh

There were some items that weren’t bad, but they weren’t great, either. The putty and bad are them.

My kids love the magnetic putty, so that’s a win there. I hate the feeling of putty, and my kids have a strict rule about where and when they can play with it.

The badge looked okay, but it was just a standard pose for Castiel. I would have loved something with the wings.

I would have preferred a charm over a badge. My charm bracelet is still collecting items.

Another meh is the Bento box. Now, I love the box itself. It is super useful, but the divider doesn’t stay in place. It also doesn’t have a lid the way that the Bento box from the World’s Finest Collection Titans box had. I prefer the Titans boxes in the house.

The good

So, of course, the T-shirt is on the list of good items. It’s soft and looks like it’s made well. I also love that Team Free Will doesn’t have faces. There’s something about this design that stands out from all the rest.

I do like the beach bag. It’s not big enough to actually be a beach bag, but it’s a good sturdy bag. I’ll be using it for groceries and just general wandering around when I need something a little bigger than my purse.

The chopsticks are among my favorite items. I use chopsticks a lot, and I love that these have Billie’s scythe at the top and have a folder for them. There’s no way they’ll go missing in a drawer.

Finally, it’s all about the ice pop molds. The symbols are awesome, and I’m guessing one of the molds is of vampire teeth to connect to the creature that managed to kill Dean at the end. I’ve not tested them out yet to see how study they are, but I will do soon.

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What did you think of the Supernatural summer 2022 mystery crate? What were your favorite items? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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