CultureFly’s Supernatural winter 2020 crate unboxing and review

The Supernatural winter 2020 crate from CultureFly is here. It has a Christmas theme, and here’s a look inside.

The Supernatural winter 2020 mystery crate from CultureFly arrived this week. It’s too late for the Christmas theme, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about unpacking the box.

Yes, the Supernatural winter 2020 crate is a Christmas theme, which makes sense since it was mailed out during December 2020. The problem when you set a Christmas theme, though, is that really you should be thinking about the shipping times, especially when it comes to international shippers.

The box wasn’t mailed out until mid-December. That’s not enough time (especially with COVID-19) to get the boxes through international customs. It’s a problem I’ve had with previous boxes that have been themed to a certain holiday, and it’s a shame that it’s still a problem CultureFly has.

The fall 2020 crate didn’t get to me until the end of November 2020! It was way too late to be able to write a review for that. It’s a shame because the Women of Supernatural theme was a cool one.

Moving the release times would probably make sense. Why not February, May, August, November as quarterly releases? Or just putting the releases to earlier in the month instead of the middle of the month? Either option would allow for more time for shipments to arrive.

But enough about this downside to the Supernatural winter 2020 mystery crate. Had it arrived in time, it would have been an excellent box for the theme. Overall, it’s a good box but is going into storage with the rest of the Christmas items until next Christmas.

Here’s a look at the CultureFly Supernatural winter 2020 mystery crate:

Now you’ve seen the full box, let’s get into the breakdown of the individual items.

Christmas wearables

There are two items to wear in the box. The first is a sweatshirt, which is bright red with plenty of green and snowflakes to remind us of winter and Christmas. Baby is the main focus, but there are skulls, the anti-possession symbol, and a few other little bits of detail that match the show. Thought has gone into this.

One thing I do want to note is that it looks like whatever the fitting problem has been with items recently seems to be over. This sweatshirt is the perfect fit. The material is soft and comfortable, and the seams look well made.

The other wearable matches the sweatshirt. It’s a scarf with the same skull from the Christmas jumper on. It is on the shorter side, but it will make a fun little addition for next Christmas.

The charm is a sort of wearable. It goes on the charm bracelet from a while back. I am getting a few too many charms for the bracelet now, though, weighing it down so I don’t wear it that much.

But I love the charm. It’s the Santa boot from Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8—the Christmas episode of the series.

Jigsaw puzzle and a cookie jar

There are a couple of items in the Supernatural winter 2020 crate that are more on the fun or decorative side that can be used throughout the year.

The first is a jigsaw puzzle. I’m not sure how many pieces are in it. The box doesn’t say that, but it does include a picture of what the jigsaw is meant to look like. This is not going to be an easy puzzle to put together, but it will offer hours of fun.

A cookie jar is the second item. It has arrived chipped on the inside, but it’s just a small chip that isn’t visible unless you look inside. It’s a risk of ceramic when mailing something out. The box did arrive extremely squished!

One thing I love is the quote on the cookie jar. It comes from Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8 to match the Santa boot charm. As a Supernatural fan, the jar will work all-year round. After all, we can watch the Christmas-themed episode whenever, right?

Decorative Christmas items in the Supernatural winter 2020 crate

Finally, there are three items that are really only good for Christmas. They’re remaining in the box ready for Christmas 2021.

The first is a Sam vinyl. The vinyl doesn’t really look like Sam, but it is the same style as the Charlie vinyl from the fall 2020 crate (and I didn’t think that looked much like Charlie either). At least you can tell who the characters are supposed to be. He has a Santa hat on, so I’ll keep that with all the other Christmas ornaments that go on shelves. He can go with my Christmas village.

Another item is a light-up bauble. This is currently with my baubles for the Christmas tree and I haven’t removed the little plastic tab to allow the battery to work. I’d rather not waste it. However, looking at the card that comes with the crate, it’s going to be a bright bauble and shows of the demon’s trap symbol on the bauble.

The last item isn’t really decorative, although you can use them as decorative if you want. It’s a set of Christmas cards. There are five cards and all say “Hey, Ass-Butt! Happy Holidays.”

The first card is just the saying. The other four cards have the four main men on them, one card for each character. I’m disappointed for two reasons. The first is that I wish the saying was something personalized to the individual characters instead of just a Castiel-inspired line. The second is that there are so many other characters that are always overlooked in the box.

The constant focus is on Dean, Sam, Cass, and Crowley. I love all the characters but apart from the fall 2020 box with the “Women of Supernatural” theme, nobody else has ever been heavily featured. It’s time for a change.

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What did you think of the Supernatural winter 2020 mystery crate? What was your favorite item? Are you going to get the spring 2021 crate? Let us know in the comments below.

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