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CultureFly’s Supernatural winter 2022 mystery box review

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The Supernatural winter 2022 box from CultureFly arrived shortly before Christmas. It’s time to unbox and reveal everything that came.

I have wanted to get to this review for some time but I needed to take December off from writing. Well, here I am with the unboxing of the Supernatural winter 2022 box from CultureFly*. The theme for this box was all about the musical episode, and some of the items are great for that.

Not all the items fit the theme, though. That doesn’t mean they’re not good items, though!

I’ll do this one in order of fitting the theme and not. After all, it’s hard to rank them in terms of my favorites. They all have their own uses.

Supernatural winter 2022 box from CultureFly

Let’s start with a look at all the items in the box. Take a look at these awesome seven items.

Supernatural winter 2022 box
Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

The Musical episode-themed items

Starting with the items that are themed to the Supernatural musical episode, I show off the photo album. The only reason this fits the theme is for the image that’s included at the front. It’s in place of the poster that’s usually included, and I really love this idea.

The photo can be removed from the front of the album if you want. Inside are slips for individual photos. I know plenty of you are like me and still have printed photos!

Then there’s the can and popcorn bucket. The two certainly go together. The popcorn tub is made of solid plastic and it’s very easy to wash out. I’m sure this is going to be a great individual-sized popcorn for the next movie night at home.

The can is quirky, which I do love. Only those who understand the musical episode will really understand everything written on it, and I always appreciate that. The lid is made of soft rubber and easily comes off. It’s not going to stop you from spilling your drink, but it does make it easy to carry the drink around and makes you feel like you’re drinking out of a can.

Then there’s the hoodie, which is my favorite item. It’s a zip-up hoodie, and they always fit really well. The coloring is great, even though the back does make it obvious that it’s linked to the Winchester brothers. I can’t wait to wear this once I’ve washed it—I always wash clothing items as soon as they come out of the box.

Crafty and useful items

Now onto the three items that don’t match the theme. The first is a highly useful item this time of year: the knit scarf. It’s still to go through the wash, but at first touch, it feels thick enough to keep me warm. It’s a shame I didn’t have it for the snowstorm just before Christmas. One thing I love is “The Road So Far” written on it. Supernatural fans get it.

Then there’s another useful item: the ghost microfiber cloth. The cloth fits inside the rubber ghost head and I have it attached to my keys. I need to clean my glasses so often when I’m out, and now I have something that’s easy to grab and use. Perfect! It does work well. I’ve used it a few times.

Finally, it’s the crafty items. Instead of a plushy, the box came with papercraft figures. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley are the three figures to make, and they look pretty simple to do. I’m going to do these with the kids as they’re big fans of the series, too. It does look like the front of Castiel’s wings are white, though, which doesn’t match the black that we usually see. Wasn’t white Lucifer’s wings?

As much as I love plushies and vinyls, I love having something different. The best thing is I get to make these and then put them up on my Supernatural shelf.

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What do you think of the Supernatural winter 2022 box from CultureFly? What was your favorite item? Share in the comments below.

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