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CultureFly’s Supernatural winter 2021 mystery box review

Want to know what’s inside the CultureFly Supernatural winter 2021 box before you pre-order the spring 2022 box? Here’s a look.

The spring 2022 Supernatural box is available to pre-order right now. Before you do decide to spend your money on it, you’ll want to know what the previous box was like. The winter 2021 box is no longer available to order, but taking a look gives you an idea of what to expect from the box.

Winter’s theme was ScoobyNatural, and everything in the box brought us items from the crossover. Just before the box arrived, I did watch the crossover episode with my kids. It helped to remind me of a few things that connected to the items in the box. Plus, it is one of the greatest Supernatural episodes ever.

Supernatural winter 2021 box

Here’s the look at all the items in the box:

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

If you prefer it in a video form, here you go:

The wearables

There were three wearables in the box. The first is my favorite, the longsleeve sweatshirt (or jumper, as I still call it). This is of the Mystery Machine and Baby, with the picture mostly remaining black and white. The only color is some read around the edges of the jumper and along the back and bottom of the image. Just the small amount of color does help the image stand out.

The hat would be my second favorite but it’s on the smaller size. It doesn’t fit my head, feeling a little tight around the bottom. However, I love the coloring used and the use of the characters running away from the ghost. It’s a pompom beanie and they are usually really comfy. It might get a little better with a couple of washes to stretch it.

Socks are the third item. I did worry that these would be on the tight side with the detail all around. However, they fit well and they are comfortable with my boots.

Plush and plates

The rest of the items don’t really match a category. There doesn’t seem to be a theme to the items picked; just a theme to the box. That’s not a bad thing, but it does make organizing this post a little difficult.

If I hadn’t watched the Supernatural episode again, I’d have questioned the Killer Dino Plush. It is at the very beginning of the episode, and I love the detail to this plus. There are bits of white fluff sticking out, which is supposed to be the stuffy’s stuffing coming out.

The plates are a great addition. I’ve had plates this size before in a Game of Thrones box, and they are still going strong now. So, I have high hopes for these ones. The chosen prints for the two plates are perfect to capture the crossover.

Pins, pens, and more in the Supernatural box

I love the bobble pen. I will admit that the bobble doesn’t really stick to the top of the pan very well, and it does weigh it down a little. I’ve found writing without the topper is better for this pen.

The pins are cute. I don’t usually use pins, but these ones are definitely going with my bags for comic-con.

There is a Lenticular coin, which was a Black Friday offer. I’m not sure how many people will get the coin. It is cool, although I’m not sure where it’s really going to go.

Finally, it’s all about the charm. My charm bracelet is starting to get a bit full, but I adore that it’s Scooby’s tag. This is definitely getting added to my bracelet.

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What were your favorite items from the Supernatural winter 2021 box from CultureFly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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