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CultureFly’s The Nick Box fall 2022 mystery crate review

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The Nick Box fall 2022 box has finally arrived. It was a great treat for Halloween, but there are items for the whole year.

While it arrived a little late for Halloween here, The Nick Box fall 2022 mystery crate was still a treat worth waiting for. There are items that will work for throughout the year. I really enjoy this box, with items for both me and my kids to enjoy.

However, I do want to mention that I am missing an item. The Stick Stickly Enamel Pin is missing from my box. Now, missing a pin doesn’t bother me (I’m not a big user of the pins), but this isn’t the first time I’ve been missing items from CultureFly boxes. The Supernatural summer 2022 crate was missing one item and doubled up on another, which was disappointing. I do think a lot more care is needed in the packing of boxes, and I hope nobody else is missing something.

The Nick Box fall 2022 crate

Take a look inside the full crate, and then we’ll get into the full breakdown of items.

Image: Alexandria Gunn

It’s really hard to rank the items this quarter. CultureFly got it just right for me. The least useful item is the Retro Halloween Mask. This reminds me of those ’90s masks that are impossible to breathe through, so there’s definitely a retro feel to it. My kids love it, and it would have been a fun mask to wear to great trick or treaters. Something like this isn’t going to last a full year.

The Nick Box
Image: Alexandria Gunn

I love the Krang Candy Jar. It is on the small side, but it’s for candy and not for cookies. The jar is made of plastic, and based on a Supernatural cookie jar from a couple of years ago, this will last well.

There’s also a Witch Angelica Vinyl Figure, which is going to be perfect with the Halloween decorations. I have a lot of vinyls so I tend to switch some of them out for the seasons and have a great Halloween collection now.

Two items that have gone straight to the kids is the art print and the Rugrats Halloween stickers. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, but I know my kids will enjoy them more. I may grab one of the sticks for my laptop as that is full of various stickers from my favorite fandoms, becoming talking points in press rooms, but I’m not too sure just yet. I’m not sure I’ll get them back off the kids!

My favorite item of the lot is the Midnight Society hoodie. It’s a zip-up one, which I love, and it is made on the larger size. The detail on the back is awesome—and actually matches the detail inside the box. I know the quality is going to be good based on other hoodies I’ve got from CultureFly. I live in hoodies throughout the fall and winter, and this is going to be a favorite.

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What did you think of The Nick Box fall 2022 crate? What was your favorite item? Share in the comments below.

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