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CultureFly’s The Nick Box winter 2021 unboxing and review

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The Nick Box winter 2021 box has arrived. It’s time to delve into what came in the box to help you decide if the spring 2022 box is worth getting or not.

It’s taken some time to do the review for The Nick Box ($) winter 2021 mystery box. It arrived shortly before New Year, and then there was a lot to do with New Year celebrations and homeschooling (I’m in Ontario!). So, here we are with a look at the mystery crate from CultureFly.

The winter crate had a winter theme. It showcased some great shows from Nickelodeon’s past, including The Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats, and Kenan and Kel.

The Nick Box winter 2021 mystery crate

Here’s a look at all the items in the box.

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

For those who prefer videos, I’ve also done an unboxing one that you can check out. The only thing I looked at before doing the video was the card that comes with the crate so the actual size and quality of the items were a surprise.

Vinyls and patches

There are a few decorative items in the box. The first is an LED light. These are fun, but they’re not always practical. Most of the ones I’ve had from CultureFly have been USB lights. This one is battery-powered, which I appreciated it. Sometimes, I don’t want to used the electricity or I’m nowhere near a plug or computer.

There were two vinyls in my box. One of them was from the Black Friday sale, so if you didn’t order in time with the sale, you may not have got it. The Black Friday vinyl was Reptar from Rugrats. My kids loved him, especially timed with the Supernatural winter 2021 box that included the dinosaur from ScoobyNatural.

The other vinyl is Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power. This one matches the vinyl from the winter 2020 box, so I really loved this inclusion. I’m hoping for the third member in the winter 2022 box to complete the collection. I just love that they’re winter ready.

There is a patch from Kenan and Kel, which is an orange soda bottle. I don’t need to explain that. Then there’s a pin from Rocko’s Modern Life.

Wearables in The Nick Box winter 2021 crate

There are three wearables in the box. The first was a large dressing gown that features Rugrats. It’s a good size and a great thickness. The band is comfortable and sturdy, and this is perfect for the current deep freeze Ontario is facing.

There’s also an eye mask. This is okay. It is on the tight side to sleep in and the eyes on the mask do get uncomfortable so I won’t be using it that often. I’m not the best sleeper, though, so I think this will depend on the type of sleeper you are.

Then there’s a pair of socks. I worried that the print would make the socks on the small side as many have in the past. They’re actually a really good fit and I think the lack of stretch problem has been resolved. I hope so. I’ll be sure to check the next pair of socks, whenever they arrive.

Tea items in the box

My favorite items in the box are The Wild Thornberrys teacup and strainer. I love loose leaf tea, and I have been thinking about getting another strainer for mine. This has saved me a shopping trip.

The strainer is very easy to use and clean out. That’s important when you drink a lot of loose leaf tea. I wish the cup was a little bigger, but that’s just because I drink so much of it. I do love that it’s a clear glass mug. I get to see the colors of my teas. A lot of my loose leaf teas are herbal teas.

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What did you think of The Nick Box winter 2021 crate? What do you hope to get in the spring 2022 box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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