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CultureFly’s The Nick Box winter 2022 unboxing and review

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The Nick Box winter 2022 mystery crate from CultureFly is here. Take a look inside at all the goodies that came in the box.

It’s time to unbox the winter 2022 The Nick Box mystery box* from CultureFly. There were seven items in the box, and nothing really disappointed. Some are great decorative pieces, but there are some definite favorites of the last two years or so.

The Nick Box winter 2022 crate

Take a look at everything that arrived in the box this quarter:

The Nick Box Winter 2022
Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

Something for the kitchen

There were three kitchen items in the box. The first is more decorative than useful due to the size, and it’s the Angry Beavers cutting board. The wood is solid enough to work with, but the size is just a little too small. It’ll be good for one-off veggie or cheese cuts. I’m putting it on displace next to my Supernatural Pig in a Poke board from CultureFly a while back.

The stackable mug set features Cat Dog, and I adore it. You’ll want to stack in just the right way to make sure you see the cat and the dog together. The cups are on the small side, but they’re going to be great for my two kids. And they seem to be dishwasher safe. Nothing said they weren’t on the bottom so I tested it at the risk of losing the picture. Nothing came off.

The last of the kitchen items is a tea towel. I don’t really like the material of the tea towel, but it’s going to be good for handling hot dishes and such.

Vinyl and pin

As usual, there’s a vinyl and a pin. The pin is always my least favorite as I don’t use them. This one is Sad Clown, and I really don’t like clowns so this is going straight to the kids.

The vinyl figure is Toast Man from Ren and Stimpy. He’ll go well with the rest of the Nickelodeon vinyls I have.

Wearable and calendar

The wearable is my favorite item. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type. The Snick sweatshirt is comfortable and warm. I did get the bigger size and it is a little big on me. That’s the way I like my sweatshirts. One thing I have found with a lot of the wearables recently is that they are true to size.

The last item is an easel calendar featuring the Rugrats. The calendar itself is great. Everything is there and I love the pictures chosen, but I do have one problem. When put in the easel, the bottom days of the month are covered.

The Nick Box winter 2022 unboxing video

Here’s a video with everything from The Nick Box winter 2022 mystery crate.

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What did you think of The Nick Box? What was your favorite item? Share in the comments below.

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