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CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 review

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The Dark Nights Metal-themed box is here. Take a look inside the World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 mystery box.

I hope many of you got this box in time for Halloween. I didn’t, but that’s due to being located in Canada, and boxes taking a little longer to arrive. However, the box is now here, and it turns out there’s not that much that is Halloween-themed. It’s all Dark Nights Metal themed.

You can take a look at the whole box, and then I’ll get into the individual items. Everything did arrive in this box*, so I’m happy about that.

The World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 box

Here’s a look at all the items in the box. There’s something for everyone’s needs.

World's Finest Collection
Image: Alexandria Gunn

To start, my least two favorite items are the ones that are least useful to me. I don’t do a lot with pins and I know I won’t use the iron-on patch. I don’t even own an iron! However, they are great additions to the box to match the theme, and I’m sure they’re perfect for some people out there.

I did really like the magnet set. I’ve had magnets from CultureFly before, and they’re not the best for being useful. I’m not expecting these to hold up most of the items on my fridge. However, they do look good, and I’m sure they’ll be talking points like my Hey! Arnold magnets.

The tote bag is on the small side. It’s also very obvious what the item is. I would have loved to see something with the Dark Nights Justice Leagues individually, and this bag could have been one of them. This is where I’m a little disappointed about the box. It’s Batman orientated, and he’s not my favorite.

I do like the pint glass, though. I love that the whole glass is black, although I’m concerned about how long the stickers will last. I’ve had some glasses from CultureFly where the stickers come off after one or two washes, and others last for a little longer. It makes me not want to use this one.

The vinyl is cool. We knew we’d get the Batman Who Laughs figure basked on the spoilers, but the item doesn’t disappoint in real life. I think I’m going to keep this with my Halloween decorations, though. I’ve got too many vinyls to keep out now, so I’m looking at ways to keep everything contained by the seasons.

Then it’s all about the sweatshirt. I adore this, and it is on the big side. The detail on the print is perfect, and it will take a couple of glances from people to see what it is. This is perfect for the fall weather.

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What did you think of the World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 box? What was your favorite item? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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