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CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection winter 2021 unboxing and review

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Titans was the theme for the World’s Finest Collection winter 2021 mystery box from CultureFly. Take a look inside the box.

There’s no doubt that CultureFly has listened to some of our requests about the World’s Finest Collection ($). There has been a move from the more well-known characters from DC. We’re into the world of the Titans in the most recent box.

We did have a problem with this box. When it arrived in December, it was heavily damaged. The whole box had been submerged in water, and some of the items weren’t salvageable. Some of them were, suffering little water damage. However, it made taking photos and doing a fair review extremely difficult.

I want to give a shoutout to CultureFly with this. I didn’t blame CultureFly for a second. This was whoever was in charge of the delivery, so either Canada Post or someone on the U.S. side of the border. However, CultureFly got us a replacement box.

World’s Finest Collection winter 2021 crate

Take a look inside the box. There’s a photo and then a video underneath with all the items in the box. I’ve tried something a little different for the YouTube video this time.

World's Finest Collection
Image: Alexandria Gunn

Bento Box and more in this box

I’m going to do this post a little differently and give a shout-out to my favorite items. I’ll include photos of everything that arrived, though.

The Bento Box is certainly one of my favorites, and it comes with Nightwing chopsticks. The Bento Box is durable and easy to wash. It doesn’t spill anything with a good locking system. My kids are happy.

I also love the Raven mug. It’s a heat-changing mug, bringing the fire when you put something hot in it. The mug is ceramic and durable, just like the others we’ve had from CultureFly. Don’t put it in the dishwasher! This is a handwash-only mug so the heat-changing element isn’t damaged.

Then there’s the hoodie. It’s all about Deathstroke, which makes sense when it comes to the Titans’ villain. As all hoodies from CultureFly, this one is comfortable and well made. The one that got wet was salvageable thanks to a couple of washes.

Take a look at everything that came inside the World’s Finest Collection winter 2021 mystery box.

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Preorders for the spring 2022 box are open. ($) Make sure you get your order in before the box sells out.