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CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection winter 2022 unboxing and review

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The World’s Finest Collection winter 2022 box from CultureFly is here. Take a look inside to see all the goodies from the mystery box.

CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection* mystery boxes have certainly gotten stronger in recent quarters. There’s been that step away from just the standard Justice League members, bringing us villain boxes, Titans boxes, and more. The winter 2022 box is “Heroes at Home,” and features some new items.

Just a word of warning, I’d already put the Superman t-shirt into the washing machine when I took the photos. One of the downsides of the deliveries is that the apparel items often have a musty smell and it was just too much on the t-shirt for me to not get it through the wash right away. I did have it included in the YouTube and TikTok videos, though.

There were eight items in the box, and they don’t disappoint.

World’s Finest Collection winter 2022 box

Take a look at all the items from the box:

World's Finest Collection Winter 2022
Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

Two vinyls and a t-shirt

We start with the vinyls. There were two in this box, and I love both of them. The first is the Green Lantern vinyl. Instead of the usual character, we got John Stewart. Considering there’s a Green Lantern series focused on John Stewart in the works, it’s not surprising we have a vinyl. I’m glad CultureFly included this.

The other vinyl is Batman. It’s a trading card vinyl, though. This is certainly something different and a great item to add to the rest of the Batman figurines on the DC shelf. I need a bigger DC shelf!

The T-shirt is another good item. The downside is knowing it’s all about Superman at a glance, but it’s a comfortable shirt. I’ve never had a problem with the tees from CultureFly.

Kitchen items and a mug warmer

There is a Green Lantern oven mitt in the box. There’s only one and usually we need two, but one is better than none at all! My only issue is that the material may not last. I got an oven mitt from a Nick Box in the past and the material didn’t withstand the heat. It started to melt!

The other kitchen item is a glass coffee mug. Now, the mug is on the small side for me, but I do love the detail on it. There are various Justice League members in black and white with just one spot of color to them. I love how the characters stand out. I don’t tend to use the mugs that often though as they’re not dishwasher-safe.

The mug comes with a mug warmer. The warmer plugs into a USB plug, so it’s great for on the desk. However, it doesn’t keep big mugs warm. It may work better on the smaller glass mugs. That’s something I’m still to test.

Notepad, pen, and pin

Aquaman is included in the box via a notepad and pen. As a writer, I always love notepads and this is a great one to have on the side when I need to take notes.

The pen is a basic biro, but the Aquman trident on the top is a little heavy. I have to take it off to use the pen.

The pin is always my least favorite item because I don’t use them. However, I quite like the Wonder Woman pin with the Lasso of Truth connecting to the Wonder Woman symbol.

Take a look at the full unboxing video below:

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What did you think of the World’s Finest Collection winter 2022 box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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