CultureFly World’s Finest Collection: Green Lantern box shipping update

The Green Lantern is the theme for this quarter’s CultureFly World’s Finest Collection mystery box. Where is the box? There’s a shipping update for the Green Lantern mystery box.

Don’t worry if you haven’t received the Green Lantern mystery box just yet. The CultureFly World’s Finest Collection will be on its way to you soon, but not just yet. You’ve not been forgotten about.

If you don’t receive email updates or you haven’t checked out your emails lately (it may have gone to your junk), you may not have got the update that the mystery box is delayed. This isn’t due to poor timing but due to quality. One of the products was of a poorer standard than CultureFly thinks you should get and so the box has been delayed.

Instead of sending out everything else and then a second shipment with the single item, you’ll get everything together a little later than normal. The Green Lantern World’s Finest Collection mystery box will be on its way sometime in mid-May.

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An exact date hasn’t been released yet. The mid-May release is just an estimate at this time but CultureFly should update with more information at a later date. We’ll keep you informed as we hear more.

If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to get the Green Lantern box. You can go directly to CultureFly to place your order. For those who aren’t sure what you get, check out our review of The Flash-themed box from last quarter. You can also check out our Game of Thrones box to get another idea of the type of mystery boxes CultureFly offers.

This is the perfect item for geeky fans. We love all the boxes here and are excited to get our hands on the Green Lantern box.

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