CultureFly’s The World’s Finest Collection Mystery Box 6 review: The Flash

The World’s Finest Collection from CultureFly brings The Flash. Check out all the awesome merch, including bags, vinyls, and more!

The Flash is the solo hero for The World’s Finest Collection from CultureFly this quarter. After getting this box, I immediately wished that I’d got previous ones. Out of all the CultureFly boxes, this has been the most consistent in terms of quality and usefulness of items. Mystery Box 6, The Flash, is definitely no exception.

As you would expect in this unboxing and review, this is full of spoilers from the box. If you haven’t received yours yet and you’re still trying to stay spoiler-free, I’d recommend reading another piece on Channel Watchers. You can come back when you get it to see if I thought the same as you. If you’re still on the fence about getting this one, let’s delve right in!

It was clear from the box that this was going to be about The Flash. As soon as I picked it up from the Post Office, my six-year-old was immediately excited. The Flash is one of her favorite superheroes (and I’m gutted for her that we missed Wonder Woman’s box) and she loved the box design. But it’s the items that really count; items that didn’t disappoint.

I like to do these unboxing reviews with a look at the bad, the mediocre, and then the good. It’s a way to get what I don’t like out of the way and work my way up to what I loved the most. There wasn’t anything bad in this box, so I’ll just start with the mediocre.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

Mediocre: Pull ring and coasters

I’ll be honest, three coasters just doesn’t make sense. Two I would understand. Four is more optimal. But three?

All three are the exact same design too. I’ve had the Game of Thrones box from CultureFly that had coasters with the different houses, so a different image on a coaster would have been possible. Just keep it simple with a lightning flash and the character. I like to have the coasters on display, so one of these will go with the other and the other two will likely be used.

The pull ring is cool and goes with the bag, but it’s nothing special. It does feel like a good and durable material, though. There really isn’t much more that I can say about that.

Good: Everything else!

Now it comes to the rest. The glass and The Flash vinyl are good. I do really like the design of the glass but I’ve had glasses from CultureFly before and the stickers used just aren’t that durable in the wash. I only wash by hand and I’m giving this one maybe three or four uses before I start to see the wear and tear. It’s going to be a shame too because this is the best glass design I’ve seen from CultureFly.

My favorite items have to be the wearables and the bag. Okay, the socks are okay in design but they’re among the most useful items. It really love the hat, the t-shirt, and the bag. They’re all practical, comfortable, and immediately show off the love of the fandom. Usually, I don’t like being too obvious with my designs but it’s a little different with items from the comic book universes. They’ve become so mainstream that it’s hard to do something that is just for actual fans, unlike shows like Supernatural and Game of Thrones.

For the winter, the hat is perfect. It’s warm and comfortable. For those with a bigger head, it might be on the tight side, but I have a small head and it’s cozy.

My daughter has already bagsied a lot of the stuff from The Flash box. The bag will become her dance bag and the vinyl is sitting in her room. She’ll likely acquire the hat without me realizing at some point, too!

Get your own World’s Finest Collection mystery box from CultureFly. You won’t regret it.