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Cursed ending explained: Who were all the characters?

Cursed introduced a number of characters from the Arthurian legend quickly. Others were introduced at the end. Here’s a breakdown of the Cursed ending.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we need a second season of Cursed on Netflix. There’s no way the story can end the way it did. However, before we worry about that, there’s a lot to break down from that ending.

We got a lot of big reveals early in the show. We knew about Merlin and Arthur, but we were also introduced to Morgana. Gawain and Percival came later, and the Cursed ending gave us one more reveal. The Weeping Monk is Lancelot.

I also have a theory that the captain of the Red Spear is actually Guinevere. Everything points to that, especially Arthur saving her life on the beach.

Breaking down the events of the Cursed Season 1 finale

Those reveals also brought plenty of action. As Morgana headed by to save Nimue, she killed The Widow and became her. Does this make her the most powerful sorceress in the land? Possibly!

Morgana is now able to sense who will die soon, which got Nimue to Merlin. What Morgana didn’t say was whether Nimue’s attempts to revive Gawain worked. The last we saw of him, the Hidden had covered him with grass like a cacoon.

Nimue and Morgana worked to get Merlin away from Uther Pendragon, the Padalins, and the Trinity Guard. However, Sister Iris shot Nimue with two arrows, forcing Nimue to fall off the bridge and in the water below. Merlin grabbed his sword and gained his magic.

He pretty much became Thor, controlling the weather and lightning. He was able to kill the Paladins that came toward him and Morgana and struck Iris with lightning.

Iris gets to live another day, though. She’s become a member of the Trinity Guard.


The betrayal and the fight

Meanwhile, the Paladins and Cumber the Ice King joined together. While Uther was willing to offer safe passage to the Fey, the others weren’t. They attacked the Fey on the beach.

Fortunately, the Red Spear turned up. Together with the Fey, the Red Spear crew were able to take out most of Cumber’s army, including Cumber’s daughter. That’s going to come back against them later.

For now, we can assume they all got away. Sadly, some of them died, including the Wroth the Tusk Commander.

Back at the camp, The Weeping Monk decided to go back for Squirrel. We learned the Weeping Monk was “saved from the fires” and was born “the Devil’s spawn.” In other words, he’s Fey, but he’s been raised to hate the Fey and to follow the teachings of the Paladins. The only reason he was kept around was because he could sniff out his own kind.

Well, he’s done with doing that. He saves Percival/Squirrel from being tortured and then fights against the Trinity Guard. Just as it looks like the Trinty Guard is going to kill him, Squirrel throws rocks to get the Guards’ attention. The Weeping Monk is able to get back up, takes down the Guard, and then rides off with Squirrel.

That’s when he reveals that he’s Lancelot.

Now we have the two of them on the road, Merlin and Morgana elsewhere on the road, and the rest of the Fey hopefully on the ships. Meanwhile, Nimue is in the water. Is she dead? Is this how she becomes the Lady of the Lake?

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