Will Netflix renew Cursed for a second season?

Chances are that you’ve already binge-watched the entire first season of Cursed on Netflix. Now you want to know if Cursed Season 2 will happen.

Our eyes are currently on the future of Cursed on Netflix. By now, you’ve likely binge-watched the entire first season to get to that major cliffhanger. So, will it be resolved? Will Cursed Season 2 happen?

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the series for a second season. That’s not all too surprising. Netflix doesn’t have a habit of renewing shows too soon, and certainly not ahead of the release (at least, officially). But that doesn’t mean a second season isn’t going to happen.

In fact, Cursed Season 2 is likely on the cards. The show has already become the #1 show watched on Netflix. It would seem ridiculous not to renew it based on that alone.

There’s no follow-on source material for Cursed Season 2

One thing to note is that there isn’t any source material for the second season just yet. The first season was based on the graphic novel of the same name, by the showrunners of the series. In fact, the first season was ordered before the graphic novel was even complete, but at least with the creators being the showrunners, they knew how the story would end.

This doesn’t mean there can’t be a second season. With the creators running the show, they’ll know where their story was going to head. They’ll be able to create a second season even without the source material. It’s not like they necessarily need it.

There are plenty of hanging threads that warrant a second season. While Nimue is in the lake and possibly dead (or transforming into the Lady of the Lake?), there are other storylines left open. We have Squirrel and the Weeping Monk (Percival and Lancelot) on the road together, Red Spear and Arthur (Guinevere and Arthur) together on the beach, presumably looking to get the Fey to safety, and Merlin and Morgana off somewhere unknown. Iris is now with the Trinity Guard and Morgana has taken over as The Widow after somehow killing her. There are plenty of questions and only a second season can offer answers.

Netflix usually makes a decision within a month or two. This decision may come sooner.

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Cursed is available to stream on Netflix.