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Is The CW preparing for a fall of unusual programming?

The broadcast networks are planning ahead for an unusual fall. The CW seems to be preparing by acquiring content from other sources.

It’s Upfronts week for the broadcast networks. While they’ve moved their Upfronts to digital releases, they are all looking ahead at their fall schedule. Things are very different this year, as many shows may not be able to start filming in July for a fall release. The CW seems to be getting ready by acquiring shows from a number of different platforms and studios.

According to TVLine, The CW has acquired Tell Me a Story from CBS All Access. This news comes with the show not getting renewed for a third season at the streaming service. However, a good performance on The CW could lead to the young adult network picking up another season.

It’s not the only acquisition. The network, which is airing Stargirl after its release on DC Universe, will also air the first season of Swamp Thing. The show had been canceled after one season on DC Universe, but there is a chance that the show could be saved thanks to this acquisition.

The two other acquisitions are Coroner and Dead Pixel from Canada and the UK respectively. When the CW airs them, they’ll make their Stateside debuts, which is certainly exciting. Coroner is the most interesting of all acquisitions. As a TV crime drama, it doesn’t fit with any of the shows currently on the network. Could this be a test to see if the network can branch out into other types of content? Right now, it seems to be focused on mostly the superhero dramas and the supernatural-style shows.

The closest is Burden of Truth, which happens to be another acquisition from Canada. This series, which does have a third season still to come to The CW, has run in the summer. Could we see it among the fall lineup to accompany Coroner?

Coroner has two seasons and Dead Pixel has just one season right now. There’s a chance that their international studios will renew them. Then it will be up to The CW to acquire the newer seasons.

So far, there are no dates. This does suggest that The CW is getting ready for a fall without its usual shows, so it’s getting some acquisitions ready to run. FOX is doing something similar with its acquisition of L.A.’s Finest ready for the fall.

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