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Dan is spotted in the Lucifer Season 6 poster

It looks like there will be more from Detective Douche on Lucifer Season 6. Dan was in the poster for the final season.

To be honest, we should have noticed that Dan was coming back sooner. Some images for Lucifer Season 6 are out, and there is one that includes Dan Espinoza. Of course, this could mean that he’s around for one episode and that’s it for closure, but the poster tells us something else.

Dan being in the poster suggests that he’s going to be around for more than one episode. With the way things ended for him in the fifth season and the big reveal that people can go from Hell to Heaven, it did suggest that we’d see more of Detective Douche.

The question now is how that can happen. Also, is he going to return human or will we just get to see him move on in the afterlife?

What could happen to Dan on Lucifer Season 6?

As a reminder, Dan was killed toward the end of Lucifer Season 5. The death was written in when it was supposed to be the final season as a way to give Dan this major moment to say goodbye. Then the show was renewed for a sixth season.

Amenadiel shared that Dan didn’t make it to Heaven. That means he’s trapped in Hell, just like he thought he would be. What would his guilt cycle be? That’s surely something we’ll get to find out in the sixth season.

The Season 5 finale confirmed that characters could go from Hell to Heaven. This gave us some hope that Dan would be able to break free of his guilt cycle and get a good afterlife. He just has to be willing to face the guilt and the fear.

However, the images from Lucifer Season 6 suggest something more is coming. Amenadiel is in a cop uniform, and it was only at the end of Season 5 that he realized he wanted to become a cop. Dan is watching Amenadiel, which suggests that he’s potentially watching over him. Is Dan a ghost stuck in limbo rather than in Hell?

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There isn’t much longer to wait. September, Lucifans!

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What do you hope to see for Dan on Lucifer Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lucifer Season 6 is on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 10.